Friday, June 22, 2012


Bobles is a Danish company founded by the two sisters Bolette and Louise Blædel. They design multi-functional furniture pieces that you and your kid will love! Tumbling animals is a series of animal shaped furniture pieces that will help the little ones to develop motor function and at the same time be used for playing, sitting on or reading etc. As an example, the elephant tumbling toy may be used to sit, riding or as a rocking chair. An owl can be used as a seat or a table. Bobles are available in several varieties including owl, fish, elephant, crocodile, bird pig and more. See the entire range of these adorable tumbling animals here.

DIY: Owl and The Pussycat Moving 3D Diorama

This is a wonderful tutorial that comes with a step by step printable instructions on how to make an owl and pussycat moving diorama. This is a fun project to do with your little ones over the weekend.

To make a diorama you will need:
1. one small cardboard box and some extra card for the interior pieces 
2. acrylic paint
3. stars
4. glue and 
5. a craft knife

For the entire instructions and more details go here.

Freebie: Poogla Iphone Wallpaper

You can download the owl and the pussycat wallpaper for your iPhone for free from

I did a little searching on the artist because I love the style very much and found her websiteCatillest also known as Cat Neligan is a London based designer, with experience in digital design and illustration. She shares: ‘In my spare time I draw and paint creatures that I wish were real… Inspiration comes from 19th century children's book illustration, 1990's Nickelodeon cartoons, Eastern European stop motion animation and all work is fueled by peanut butter.'

You can find more iPhone wallpapers here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elsita: Paper Jewelry

Elsa Mora aka Elsita is a well known artist for creating paper cut work but I absolutely fell in love with her delicate and unique jewelry. The above shown beautiful owl pendant is made out of paper, glass beads and little acrylic paint touches (sold out). Love each and every one of these hand painted pendants. 

You can find her lovely owl freebie here.

Mun: Animal Illustrations

Do these guys make you smile too?

Lovely animal illustrations by Mun an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kate Kelly: Paper Sculpture

Kate Kelly designs and make the most amazing paper sculptures of owls, birds, animals and household objects. She began making paper models during her University degree, when she made paper prototypes of her final pieces. She experimented with many different materials and found her love in crafting with paper. "I love to work in paper because I find it a very unrestrictive medium; it bends and folds to any shape, it is easy coloured and textured in many different ways, it is cheap and humble and always on hand."

Her each sculpture is screen printed and often adorned with freehand doodles which makes each one unique. You can see more of her gorgeous models on her website and follow her blog for updates on her new work.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ellen Giggenbach: Owl and Pussycat

I find Ellen Giggenbach's work exquisite and have blogged about her work previously

I adore her newly designed Owl & the Pussycat craft kit that's easy to cut and assemble. The kit comes with a set of instructions, laser printed cards of Mr. Owl playing his guitar, Miss Pussy Cat holding a jar of delicious honey and a jolly little sail boat with a flag, and the rhyme on the back. The finished couple will look great on a book shelf or in a kid's room! For a limited time you will get a set of 8 stickers as a gift. Available for purchase in her online store.


owl tree

Messyfish is a designer who works and lives in East London. He has gained a degree in fine art and has worked within graphic design and children's illustration. His online etsy store offers a variety products from soft sculptures to cushions to knitted iPhone cases. 

Also stop by his website to take a look at his illustrations. His work is a wonderful combination of nostaligic vintage colors and style, and contemporary mixed media.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mini Empire

If you remember this post then the chances are the owl design on the products shown above will look familiar to you. 

Stockholm based brand Mini Empire was founded by multidisciplinary artist Jenny von Döbeln in 2010. Their new series of accessories for the home like tray, tea towels, cushions, wallpaper forest spice, prints and cutting board are all based on Jenny's illustrations. Available here and here

Lucky Hemlock

Spotted white barn owl watercolor print by Lucky Hemlock.