Friday, January 10, 2020

Multi-layered Paper Cut Designs by Emily Brown

multiple layered paper cut barn owl

outline layer number 1

paper-cut bunny

outline layer

Emily Brown of Bird Mafia is a paper-cut artist and a designer based in Portland, OR. She has been interested in art ever since she could hold a pencil but her career as a paper-cut artist started in 2007 when she borrowed her husband's xacto knife. She honed her skills for years and founded her brand Bird Mafia to share her paper-cut designs. 

Each design is hand-drawn and hand-cut before they are tuned into tea towels, cushions, stationery, mugs, art prints and more. I am swooning over her multi-layered paper cut collection inspired by nature and animals. The design usually starts with a delicate paper-cut outline in black and details are stacked one layer over the other using different colored papers. For the barn owl on the top, the artist cut the outline as the base layer and added details such as feathers with layers of greys and brows. 

You can find the paper goods and home accessories based on her paper-cut in her online store - Bird Mafia.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Gorgeous Flora and Fauna Inspired Embroidery Kits by Jenny Blair

Lately, I have been interested in working with thread and needle. A little hand-embroidered detail on, for example, a t-shirt can completely change the look and feel of that clothing article. I think if you are a beginner then a diy kit will be an immense help to get you started. 

Jenny Blair is a UK based artist who creates contemporary embroidery kits inspired by nature and the local beauty of the little rural Scottish town where she lives. She makes embroidery kits in several sizes that come with hand screen printed design on fabric, color and illustrated stitch guide, instructions, a needle and threads.

Her diy kits offer variety of designs including birds, animals, flora, geometric patterns and seasonal designs. "Love wins" featuring owls and flowers in pretty colors is my favorite! There is enough time for you to hand make a gift for someone special in your life this Valentine's day. You can get started on one of the above shown designs or find the one you like in her online store.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Beautiful Woodcuts by Love Hawk

David Hale is an illustrator, a mixed media artist, a tattoo artist and a founder of Love Hawk Studio based in Athens, GA. He is internationally known for his unique and creative artwork. Hale started his artistic journey when he was in kindergarten, he used to draw with whatever he could find. "I remember drawing with pieces of pine bark from the driveway.” Hale shared here.

Later in his life, art became an significant part of his life. At the age of 13, he got interested in the art of drawing tattoos. He began drawing tattoos for his friends, and the day he turned 18 he got his first tattoo.

His designs are inspired by nature, Native American symbols and traditional tattoo themes that revolve around organic patterns to animals. The series of woodcuts feature owls, serpents, hawks, deer, and birds on beautiful birch wood panel. You can find originals and limited edition prints in his online store.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Enchanting Illustrations of Female Characters With Woodland Creatures

Hi friends, welcome to 2020! I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your family. Let me start off this year with these beautiful illustrations by Anna Speshilova. Anna Speshilova is an artist and an illustrator from Russia. She creates enchanting watercolor illustrations depicting women with their companion animals. The artist illustrates the female characters who live in harmony with the forest animals, roaming about the woods in snowy nights and cold days. The illustrations look straight from children's story books featuring a girl gazing at the stars or reading while the owls, polar bears, foxes, and rabbits keep her company. "The most important part of creativity for her is the magic that it brings. So she tries to fill her paintings with magic, so they could pass it on to you."

Anna has a distinct style of illustration that gives her work a delicate feel. Her work is rich in colors  that's done in light washes of watercolors and fine line work. She has participated in both solo as well as in groups exhibitions all around Moscow. You can find her prints on Society6 and see more of her illustrations on Instagram.