Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Door Stoppers That Double As Decoration By Blue Toucanuk

Monika of Blue Toucanuk is an artist and the creator based in Norwich, United Kingdom. She hand makes stunning door stoppers that are not only functional but each single one of them is no less than a piece of art. Each piece is handmade by the artist from cutting the shapes into the pine wood to painting beautiful illustrations on them. I am swooning over the intricacy and attention to detail with which she chooses the colour palette that brings the birds to life.

You can find these one-of-a-kind door stoppers, ornaments, wall decorations and badges in her online shop

Monday, February 7, 2022

Land & She: Emily Kelley

Emily Kelley is a self-taught illustrator and block printer based in Jenkintown, PA. She has earned a degree in Bachelor of Fine Art in graphic design from Tyler School of Art, after which she founded her brand Land & She in 2016.

"My work is rooted in the every day around me. It's finding the tiniest of inspirations in the patterns of rock formations, or feeling small amongst a vast horizon. These are things that keep me curious and looking for more."

Her work has a distinct style that is achieved through overlaying hand-drawings and photographs. Her work is mainly inspired by nature, travel, landscapes, and wildlife. She offers block printed bandanas, tea towels, journals, art prints, painted rocks, stickers and ceramics on her online store - Land & She.