Friday, September 16, 2011

Mixed Bag 4

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll see you on Monday with more fresh finds for you all. Until then, I leave you with this post, a compilation of all the wonderful owls I came across the last few weeks from all over the web. I hope you enjoy it! 








British artist Pinky is known for his psychedelic style, distinctive use of color and iconic graphics. Under his brand Pinkyvison he has created a wide range of products, papercuts and prints. His beautiful murals have adorned many bare walls and his work has been exhibited worldwide including London, Berlin, Seattle, Manchester and Amsterdam.

Pinky's unique work is generally the explosion of colors, abstract patterns, funky shapes and owls! "The icons I use come from the need to tell stories and narratives. Simple but powerful messages can be told with the Skull, the Owl, The Apple, The Pyramid, The Eye, Heads. The abstract work is a contrast to that… hopefully letting people see the wonder in the random, the chaos, the patterns and colours of life."

He has also worked in collaboration with Dior, Maharishi, Darth Vadar, MTV and the BBC. Visit his website - Pinkyvision to learn more about him and his work.

Friday Freebie: Wallpaper




Enjoy today's freebie "Sleepy Owl" wallpaper by Leisa. Simply select one in the size and format you want from four different options available here and download for free!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Owl Cookie made with Tulip Cookie Cutter





Callye of Sweet Sugar Belle is a super talented artist who loves to bake and is "obsessed with decorating cookies". She has an amazing blog full of useful tips on decorating cookies and easy picture tutorials. 

While I was browsing through jaw-dropping, edible masterpieces on her blog, I came across these owl cookies. I love them! But what I love more is that these the very creative Callye created these owl cookies using tulip and heart cookie cutter, not the owl shaped cookie cutter. I am amazed that she saw an owl in those cutters. You can get your own tulip and heart cookie cutters and play!

Rifle Paper Co.- Autumn 2011


"Thankful Forest Card" and "Thankful Forest Invitations" from Rifle Paper Co.'s new Autumn 2011 range. Stock up on these goodies and save 15% off thru Sept. 27 by using code 'AUTUMN' at checkout. Save with the code on their fresh collection of Halloween cards, 2012 calendar and more products listed on this page.

Country Fair Magazine Covers

country-fair1 country-fair2 country-fair3

I could frame each and every one of these Country Fair magazine covers and hang'em over my desk for inspiration.

John Hanna, an Australian artist and cartoonist designed a collection of over 50 covers for Country Fair alone. To see more of the covers, check out this link.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinh Truong Giang: Origami





polar bear
red fox
Dinh Truong Giang is a very talented Origami artist born in Hue, Vietnam and moved to USA to study architecture. Currently living in Virginia, he creates these wonderful animal paper sculptures using wet fold origami technique. It's a Japanese paper folding art which requires thick paper to be dampened before it's folded into a model. This process results in soft and gentle curve lines, and provides strength and flexibility to the finished piece.

Lucinda Owl and her ABC's

lucinda-book1 lucinda-book2 lucinda-book3 lucinda-book4 lucinda-book5 lucinda-book6 lucinda-book7 lucinda-book8 lucinda-book10


"Lucinda Owl and her ABC's" is a story of a young owl with dyslexia and her friend Billy Bunny who helps her learn read. The whole book is filled with delightful illustration by Betsy von Furstenberg who is also the author of the book. Available on amazon.

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Jewelry Collection: Black and Gold

{1. Pilgrim Beaded Owl Necklace by ASOS, 2. Pearls of Wisdom Charm Earrings by Astley Clarke, 3. Round Owl Earrings by SW Trading, 4. Alcozer & J Brass and Crystal Bracelet, 5. Vintage Enamel Owl Ring by Beladora, 6. Night Owls by Alexis Bittar, 7. Owl Party Statement Necklace by Accessorize, 8. Lanvin Automne Crystal Owl Brooch, 9. Elise Dray Owl Bangle}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kiki Smith: Flip Doll





This Owl and Pussycat flip doll was produced in collaboration between Kiki Smith and Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA in 2002. This traditional flip doll, inspired by 1871 Lear's poem about two unlikely creatures in love, is a cat on one end and when its flipped over it reveals an owl. Every doll is one-of-a-kind, made of hand sewn, silk-screened fabric designed by Smith herself.

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