Friday, August 21, 2020

Beautiful New Art Prints By Leschiwelt

Leschiwelt is a brand started by Nora Leschinski a very talented artist and a designer. She is based out of Bernsdorf, Germany, who started to learn the use of carving tools in a small mountain village. Later she began to explore illustration out of her love for stories and pictures. Since 2010 she has been working as a freelancer in various materials including wood, paper, wire etc.

Her art prints feature creatures of the natural world in her signature style. The color scheme ranges from bright to mute washes. Her artwork has a vintage and retro feel which further gets enhanced by the wonderful texture.


I blogged about her colorful wood carved pieces earlier on the blog here. Her wood reliefs cannot be shipped outside of the EU but her art prints can be shipped anywhere in the world. The prints come in two sizes, each one is hand signed by the artist. You can find the art prints, wood relief, and cards in her online shop.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

New Products From Tukoni Tribe by Oksana Bula

Ukrainian artist Oksana Bula is the creator and the designer behing Tukoni Tribe. She has created a series of adorable characters whom she calls 'little tukonies'. The Tukoni members live in the woodland created with delicate textured watercolors. These characters seem to be from children's picture books living together in harmony with the natural world surrounding them.

"They are the forest habitants and the best friends of forest. They take care about the plants and the animals. This is not their job, this is their favorite thing to do."

Her characters can now be found on tote bags. These bags are printed on heavy cotton featuring cassiopeia owl, ursa minor, wolf orion, starry hare and stingray designs that glow in the dark.

If you have been on a look out for a beautiful puzzle set, then her online store has 70 piece jigsaw puzzles for kids in four different designs.

Some of her new products include t-shirts which I completely love! They are available in both men and women styles in assortment of colors.

For those of you who like to send personalize hand notes, make sure you check out her postcard collection in over 50 designs in her online store - Tukoni Tribe.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Tiny Seashells Artwork By Russian Artist Marina Alexandrova

Hi everyone, look what I stumbled upon. This wonderful artwork made with seashells by Marina Alexandrova. I couldn't find her website and her presence on any of the popular social media websites. I did a learning searching online and learnt that she is a talented Russian artist. Marina Alexandrova is also a member of prestigious Russian Artist Union. She has authored “Seashells and Coastal Decor”.

Marina's artwork is highly detailed, I couldn't believe my eyes that she painted them with seashells. Her work is colorful and range from variety of subject matters including animals, landscapes, fictional creatures and abstract designs. She first got inspired by the colors, textures and shapes of the seashells she saw on her beach vacations. She uses colored seashells in her paintings, she never paints them. It's time consuming and painstaking to arrange each shell accurately one tiny shell at a time that results into a final masterpiece.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Emma Jayne Allsup: An Illustrator And A Pattern Designer

Emma Jayne Allsup is an illustrator and a pattern designer from UK. She has an experience of over 15 years as a freelancer. She earned her master's degree in Textile Illustration from The Manchester University and also have a degree in Surface Pattern.

She gets her inspiration from vintage patterns, retro wallpapers, printed fabrics, Scandinavian design, and old and contemporary illustrations. Combining traditional media such as gouache with digital artistic tool she create whimsical and bold artwork. 

She has worked in collaboration with well-known brands including MOOUI, H&M, Caterpillar books, and Karla Cola. She has desgined t-shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, swimwear, bedding and home accessories in her signature style. You can find her art prints, notebooks and stickers in her online store

Monday, August 17, 2020

Everyday Objects Incorporated Into Minimalist Drawings To Create Delightful Artwork


Jesuso Ortiz is a Spanish illustrator and designer. He currently lives in Málaga, Spain. He creates unique colorful illustrations combining his illustrations and everyday objects and food items. For instances: he uses half apple to make an owl's head, flower petals to give ears to a bunny.

His creativity knows no boundaries, he uses a whole range of things from buttons to blackberries, to grapefruit, to lemons and incorporates them in his drawings. The common everyday objects paired with his minimalist drawings produce eye-catching artwork in vibrant colors. The simplicity of his style has gained him over 200k followers on Instagram from all around the world. Check out his work from before and what is he working on currently on Instagram.