Friday, September 14, 2018

Woodland Animals Mini Embroidery Hoops: Fall Craft For Kids

Is it just me or you too have noticed a whisper of the new season's crisp evening breeze. I think it's safe to start talking about our favorite time of the year- Autumn! Yes, it's here! I keep seeing Autumn inspired crafts and stuff popping everywhere on the web. In the coming posts, I'll be sharing my favorite finds that will help you get prepared for the season.

Today, I present to you the fun tutorial by Sarah Wilson of One Savvy Mom for making woodland animals mini embroidery hoops that's perfect for kids. The kids will love this activity of making something by hand to decorate the house. You can make an owl, a deer or a fox with the help of the tutorial that comes with printable template.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Palm Size Stone Paintings by a Talented Japanese Artist


Japanese artist Akie Nakata started to work as a stone artist in 2010. She specializes in painting on stones that are of a palm size or smaller. She works with the natural shape of a stone without processing it which means she would never cut off an edge to alter the shape of a stone. It's the organic form of the stone that inspires her to paint a specific animal on it. "I want to paint the life of the being I feel inside the stone.

She has participated in many exhibitions and has won awards including Toronto. Art Fest 2011, Your Favorite Award, Grand Prix and Koji Mori Special Award at "2nd Berlin Art Festival, Charlottenburg Palace Exhibition.

She is on a break till the end of the month but make sure you watch her Instagram to get an update about her new work and join her on Facebook where she announces any work that's available for purchase.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Greeting Cards That You'll Want to Hang on the Wall

Kayleigh Radcliffe is an illustrator and designer based in Preston, Lancashire. She earned National Diploma in Art and Design at Southport College, afterwards gained a BA Honors degree in Graphic Arts in Illustration from Liverpool John Moores University.

She makes paper goods and ceramic goods featuring anthropomorphic animals inspired by German Expressionist silent films, the Victorian and Edwardian period, the countryside and folklore. "I like to play on the make believe idea of animals being part of the human society and not much different from ourselves."

The collection of cards is based on her original artwork. Owl with the cat, dalmation the birthday dog, family of lambs and cat in an autumn costume are some of the characters that adorn the cards. You will find cards for all sorts of occasion in her online store.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Figurative Paintings by Self-Taught Artist Chris Milk Hulburt

Chris Milk Hulburt is a Richmond based artist who paints on a non-traditional canvas - scrap woods. The self-taught painter didn't know his job would play such a significant role in building his career. In his twenties, he used to paint houses and when he found himself surrounded with pieces of wood and extra paint his creative juices started to flow. Today he paints mainly on wood using bright colored enamel. His figurative paintings depict feathered creatures, landscapes, vintage objects and quirky characters.

He has exhibited in several galleries in New York, Providence, Virginia and North Carolina. His has also worked on number of commissions that are in private collections all over the country. To know what is he working on currently, you can follow him on Instagram.

Monday, September 10, 2018

New Adorable Ceramic Vases and Planters for Your Plants by Noe Marin

Hi friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I love indoor plants, they instantly brighten and liven up a place. If you are like me then you too can't have enough of them. My favorite kinds are succulents and cacti, they were everywhere where I lived for thirteen years. They are a popular choice because they are so easy to take care of. These cute plants look even cuter if you can find them a fun pot to live in! You can find a huge collection of adorable ceramic planters by Noe Marin that's sure to induce a smile.

The artist grew up in a family that owned a tile factory in southern Spain. She learnt and grew respect for the process by watching them make everything manually. Her work is inspired by scandinavian design and come in designs as owl, penguin, bear, cat, dog, geisha and even unicorn. To see more of her products visit her online store