Friday, March 1, 2013

Charley Harper: Tree of Life Puzzles + iPhone Skin

'Tree of Life' is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle manufactured by Pomegranate featuring Charley Harper’s Tree of Life painting from The Golden Book of Biology, published in 1961. It's a product that will appeal to the Charley's artwork lovers and veteran puzzleworkers who are sure to love an engaging challenge of putting together an intricate design of colorful animals and birds.

Tree of Life block puzzle is suitable for children over the age of 3. The puzzle consists of twelve 2" square blocks which may be flipped and turned to form six different artworks. A fantastic way of teaching a child about nature's inhabitants.

For those of you who like to play on their laptops and phones there are iPhone and laptop skins in Tree of Life design from GelaSkins.

I hope you enjoyed your week here with me on My Owl Barn. I wish you all a wonderful weekend. See you  back on Monday. Take care!

Gingiber: Tea Towels


Stacie Bloomfield is the artist behind all the products offered at her store Gingiber. I am loving the recent series of tea towels adorned with big animal illustrations created with lines and geometric shapes in beautiful white and black contrast. Each towel measures 26"x26" which makes them ideal to be used as a kitchen accessory or as a wall art. These towels are available in five adorable designs - owl, fox, deer, bear and caribou (not shown) at $16 a piece.

DIY: Owl Lamp

I have blogged about varieties of owl lamps in the past and we all know they don't come cheap. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could make one ourselves with little effort and save big bucks? 

Wilma created this amazing tutorial which is so easy to follow and guides you through a simple set of instructions on how to make your own owl lamp at a fraction of the cost. She used a polystone owl, similar to this one and Ikea Hemma lamp base for her lamp. To read more and to know all the materials needed for the project go here.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dou Dou Birds: Miniature Owls


Dou Dou is a New York based artist who crafts these miniature birds using clay and then paints them individually by hand. She doesn't use any molds or premade items in sculpting her creatures. They are all unique and one-of-a-kind. Her tiny creatures are usually between .5 and 1.75 inches.

Follow her blog for updates on her new pieces and if you are interested in buying any of her sculptures then visit her online store.

Terry Runyan

Terry Runyan is a full time illustrator who lives in Kansas City. Animals are the primary subject matter in her artwork that are hilarious and have distinctive characteristics. The textured background and the beautiful color palette make her style unique and quirky.

Check out more of her amazing work on her website. She has a store on where her designs are available for purchase on laptop skins, pillow covers, tote bags and prints.

More Painted Stones

Handpainted stones by Kim Andersen. I love the wide eyed owl, mama and baby penguin, and the chicken (in the third picture from the top).

I can't resist picking up a stone when I see a shape in it or because of it has a beautiful texture. But I have never painted one. Do you collect stones? Have you painted them? How do you use them?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kate Kelly: Owl Paper Sculpture

I wrote about Kate Kelly's owl paper sculptures last year, and then I couldn't stop thinking about them. I went back on her website recently to see what's new had she created for us and I was thrilled to discover the adorable 'owls in a tree hollow' series. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of her work, she can be contacted through her website.

I Love Grey Skies: Owl Mooks

I love Kimberley Laurenti's signature characters 'mooks'. She is an artist who lives in Southwest Florida and has been sculpting these strangely cool clay creatures for years that are now available in her online store 'I Love Grey Skies'. I read this wonderful interview and was amazed by how much time and love goes into making each mook. 

"With the sculptures I make for the shop, there is always many steps and processes that are being worked on simultaneously. For instance, I may start by sanding some wood for the bases and take them out into my shop in the garage for staining. While the first coat absorbs into the wood, I’ll then come in and sculpt with clay. Then back to the garage to wipe the first coat of stain off and perhaps start a paper mache mask . I think it’s this variety of task that keeps me so interested. I’m also a painter but after painting and concentrating for 2 hours straight I can get a bit drained, but the sculptures are less serious, more fun."

Don't you adore these little guys wearing knitted hats and sweaters? And that guy in suit!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Owl Collection

I am coveting every owl from the adorable collection of tiny owls by Sarah.

Lego Snowy Owl

Remember Barney the Barn Owl? There's a recent addition of  The Snowy Owl to the 'Lego Bird Project' a series of amazing winged and feathered creatures made of Lego blocks.

Wedding Cake Inspired by a Kleenex Box

The moment I saw this wedding cake here and read that it was inspired by a Kleenex box, I knew right away where it was from. The owls on the cake have a striking resemblance to the Cori Dantini's artwork she deigned for Kleenex and I'd blogged in the past. 

I love when people find inspirations at the most unexpected places and get creative with it. Let me know if you've ever found inspiration in an unexpected place!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jipi Jipi

Jipi Jipi is a designer from Hamburg, Germany who makes these amazing fabric dolls. Each of the dolls is hand sewn and embroidered, and comes with its own charming personality. Visit her online store that offers many designs including owl, lion, bat, elephant and dachshund. There are one-of-a kind mermaids and cute little pirates too!