Friday, May 21, 2021

Paul Lewis Transformed Not Only His Life But Also Esquimalt Lagoon

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are staying safe in your homes. In India (where I live) things are going out of control. I am dealing with the situation like everyone else and the best thing one can do right now is not over think things. After all, what can not be changed must be endured and it should be endured calmly.

Coming back to the post, Let's wrap up the week with these sculptures by Paul Lewis. There is a very interesting story behind how Paul Lewis turned into an artist, you can read more here. When Paul was in jail his grandmother would send him pictures of owls from magazines. He would draw them and later got inspired by driftwood sculptures by Alex Witcombe. When he got released he started to collect drift wood as he could see shapes in twisted driftwood and turn them into sculptures.

Paul is from Victoria, BC who specializes in sculptures. He makes amazing sculptures on Beach Ent at Esquimalt Lagoon using driftwood. The sculptures have transformed the beach into an art gallery that has been visited by thousands of people who came to admire and take picture his work. You can follow his facebook page for new work.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Ceramics Inspired by Paper Mache and Tribal Patterns

Sarah Farrelly is a painter and a ceramic artist based in Cork, Ireland. After graduating from the National College of Art and Design, she worked as a designer and illustrator for several years. While working she pursued her passion for ceramics and painting, working mainly in acrylic and oil.

She makes one-of-a-kind sculptures inspired by native animals. Each piece is completely hand built, bisqued and painted with velvet underglaze which gives sculpture a smooth surface. Her animal sculptures are painted in patterns inspired by tribal designs, mostly painted in monochrome. All though her sculptures are made with clay, there is a very light feel about them. They almost look like something made out of paper mache.

In 2014, Sarah won the Etain Hickey Award in Irish Ceramic Awards. Her work was featured in the book - Irish Ceramics by John Goode.


Monday, May 17, 2021

Sarah Lown of Mystical Sky Studio


Sarah Lown is an artist and a surface designer behind Mystical Sky Studio. She is based in UK, after living in London for 11 years she moved to Cambridgeshire countryside in 2018. She is now a full-time surface designer for textiles and fashion.

She set up her online store to sell handmade cards, bookmarks, make-up bags, coasters, cushions and tea towels based on her original artwork. Her work is primarily depicts flora and fauna in cheerful color palette that's sure to brighten up your day.

"I find my inspiration everywhere but I particularly love nature and wildlife. I can spend hours sketching flowers in my garden. I just love it!"

You can find paper goods, greeting cards, mirrors, art prints, tea towels, make-up bags and even scrunchie in her online store.