Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something sweet?

There is nothing in the whole wide world which can not be cured by a cup cake, and if your cup cake is this pretty then must have done something really good. These bite-sized darling cup cakes are handcrafted by Hello Naomi bakery. Each cup cake contains some sugar, some flour and a whole lot of love. It's a shame that they can't be delivered to the United States, but hey, they are a good inspiration.

Lilac or mint?

This nightlight will illuminate any corner which needs a little glow and warmth. Each nightlight is handmade of fused glass and no two pieces are alike. The owl image is permanent and will not rub off or scratch. Measurements: Glass is 2-1/2"W x 3-3/4"H. Each for $40.

HaPpY RiBbOnS!!!

Everyone, look at these ribbons. Aren't they precious? They make me giggle every time I see them. Suitable for gift wrapping or sewing. The ribbon is 100% polyester and comes in a length of 27.3YDS (25M) per roll. Available size is: 5/8".

Friday, August 28, 2009

Printed shorts by Victoria's Secret

Vintage washed owl print shorts by Victoria's Secret Soft range. Available in 2 pretty colors shown in the picture. For $30 each.

Purple Peepers from Sassy cook'n

Did you need a new apron or a mitten? Well, who doesn't. Janette, the creator, has named this owl pattern Purple Peppers. That's simply adorable! Owl apron is available in both mom($29.95) and daughter ($19.95) sizes. There are also mitten($9.95), place mats($17 for set of 2) and pot holder($5.95) to choose from.

Poketo Wallet

Sarah Utter is an artist and a musician who creates unique art pieces. Above shown wallet is an accurate example of her style. The owl wallet is made out of durable vinyl, has 3 card slots, a change holder, and a bill holder. It's for $20 a piece, which is a steal for owning both art and a wallet.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rugs @ Urban Outfitters

If your are looking for something stylish which doesn't break the bank then go to Urban Outfitters. They have amazing merchandise to offer from jewelry to rugs and everything in between. These two owl rugs can be used almost anywhere in the house - under the desk, under your favorite chair, in the kitchen or even as a bathroom rug. Dimensions: 2x3. Starting at $18.

Stickers with dimension

K&Company makes all kinds of great scarp booking material like metal art, patterned paper, albums and much much more. These stickers are no exception. These are enough owl stickers to make handmade cards, layouts or to add a subtle dimension to any paper project. Pick a few now!

Halloween greeting card by Paper Source

I love to collect cute, adorable greeting cards. I have a whole stash of cards for birthday, new year, Christmas, Anniversary, also 'I love you!' (I told you, I am a card collector.) But, my Halloween pile of spooky, scary and creepy cards was missing a cute one and I found just exactly that! This card is ideal to send fun greetings to family and friends.

These come in a box of 8 flat cards for $14. Available at

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Fabricworms, by Fabricworms

Some more owl fabric! Lovely fabric by Fabricworms from their newest Saffron Craig Field and Owl Ranges collection featuring owls and trees. Color scheme is simply fabulous and fresh. Visit the website for many other whimsical and heart winning fabric prints. Starting at $11.

Oh so cute owl magnets

These are bold and beautiful. Perfect to dress up your refrigerator, locker or workspace. Round Owl Magnets are graphically a modern 70's look that is funky and playful. 1" diameter. Set of 4 for $11.95.

Owl Balloons

An owl balloon for every occasion, well almost. You can choose and pick an owl balloon for Halloween, congratulating graduation, wishing Happy Birthday and even Happy Fall. Starting at $1.95.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In My Tree by Sara Gillingham

It's one special book for kids. I read some great reviews about the book and also found this video. In this video the book writer, Sara, reads the book to her son, Caskey. He is so amazing in this video and seems to be having a great time.

For those who like to read book descriptions. "Turn the colorful die-cut pages of this irresistible board book to discover just what makes little owl's tree so cozy. Is it little owl's sturdy branch and snuggly roost? No, it's his loving family! Bright pictures, reassuring messages, unique layered pages and an adorable felt finger puppet attached to each book combine to create interactive reading and playtime fun!"

Get it now for your niece or nephew at For $8.99.

'Just for kids' tea from Traditional Medicinals

Herbal tea 'Just for kids' by Traditional Medicinal. Adorable illustration features an owl in his hat and night shawl hoping to get some good night sleep after sipping on his Nighty Night owl tea. A box of18 teabags costs $5.49.

Love at first sight!

When I first saw these pair of socks on Top Shop web store, I instantly fell in love with them. I knew I had to get them to keep my feet toasty and happy during Winter. I got them this weekend! I bought two pairs in pink (Girl's got to have enough pink) and one in green. Why three pairs? Because they were on sale! I got three pairs for only $15. Yay! Get yours at

I saw something else on the website. This adorable owl shaped bag. No, I haven't bought that yet. However, I am mad about metallics and can totally see my self enjoying this bag. What's your vote, yay or nay?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Owl and Pussycat Musical Treasure Box

Owl and Pussycat's illustration, a famous classic by Edward lear, adorns the outside of the musical treasure box. The box has four small compartments that can be used to store your crafts, jewelry etc. and one large compartment. On opening the lid a dancing figurine of the Owl and Pussycat reveals and music starts to play. Measures: 4.5" L x 8" W x 9.5" H. The box is on a huge sale and will cost only $17.49.

Charley Harper's notecards and Calendar


Two Owls in a snowstorm

Barn owl family in a heart, ready to be your Vowlentine

Charley Harper's work primarily depicted lives of birds and animals. The notecards shown above serve as an excellent example of his unique style and use of bold colors. You can buy these genius specimens of art for $2 each at Below is a beautiful calendar which has Vowlentine for one of the months. I didn't know why Charley called his painting Vowlentine so I did a little searching. Many of his works incorporated visual puns. And many works on paper were accompanied by word puns, too. Often the puns were commentary on the peculiar habits of a species or the struggles in nature. But they often had a socially conscious message (e.g., Scary Scenario). Others were just fun repartee about the natural subject at hand be it fish, or owl.

The title Vowltenine corresponds to one of Charley's serigraphs.
Put a fancy lace border around these barn owls and you could send them to your sweetie on February 14. "Be mine!" you could say, "I love you with all my hearts!" Or when you're ready to pop the question: "Let's owlope." And on your anniversary: "You're still as owlluring as ever." For Flag Day: "I pledge owlleqiance. " Then there's Cowlumbus Day and Owlection Day. And Christmas! "Owlleluia." Oops,almost forgot Howlloween. Maybe we'd better start Iisting them owlphabetically.

Calendar is available at for $7.99.

Brainy owl spotted at Target

I know many people who like to collect gift cards, and this one is certainly a collectible. I saw this today at the Target store and couldn't resist buying one right away. These are limited special edition owl gift cards. Even better, these come with a birthday puzzle. It will make someone very happy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Florafauna curtain by Bed Bath & Beyond

Boy, did I really find an owl shower curtain! I had been searching in stores and online for shower curtains with owl pattern without much luck, but today, my search (at least for now) came to an end when I found this shower curtain at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I say grab one now, before they are all gone. Measures 72" W x 72" L. For 19.99.

Whoo Loves Ya Reversible Hoodie

Word to the wise, owls are the new black. You get double the hootenanny with this authentic limited-edition reversible hoodie. There’s only 360 of these. You know it’s yours ‘cause each one is embroidered with an individually-numbered patch of authenticity. One side features a large owl design (showm above), the other a repeating owl pattern (shown below).

Keep your self warm this Winter with this stylish hoodie. Who says you have to wear black or gray in Winter. This owl hoodie will add just the right amount of color to your wardrobe. Get it now, there only few left. For $120.

Available at

Hoot, Hoot switchplate by Anthropologie

Distressed and hand painted iron switch frames to give a shabby chic touch to otherwise boring light switches. Liven it up! Choose from single($18) or double($24) owl switchplates.