Friday, October 9, 2009

Reading Is A Hoot!

Today, I am going to share with you something very special to me. I started a cause called 'Give Books Give Smiles'. Its objective is not something grand, but great and very dear to me. It's to bring smiles to kids through books, one kid at a time. 'Give books Give Smiles' aims to collect books in donation for little kids in the streets of India.

I want to spread awareness about the many kids in India who instead of going to school, end up working or begging in streets due to neglect, poverty and the other unfortunate circumstances. They are not only deprived of an education but also of their childhood. They have probably never seen the inside of a book, never received a gift. I want to give them a gift, a gift of books which makes them smile.

I appeal to all of you to help me spread the word about this cause among your friends and family. All the books will be distributed by me personally. I'll keep the calendar page (currently under construction) updated. All the monetary donations will be used for buying books from used books stores and for shipping (if I am unable to carry all of them with me).

Please visit 'Give Books Give Smiles' for details. There is a button on the website which you can copy and paste on your website to support the cause, if you want.

Today's featured product says it all in so little words - Reading is a hoot!

Available at HouseHold Words of Mandie.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Decorations For Your Walls

1. What A Hoot Owl Large Appliques (pink)
2. Hootie & The Gang (purple)
3. What A Hoot Owl Window Mural (pink)
4. What A Hoot Owl Mural (blue)
5. Hootie Owl Canvas Wall Art

Beautiful murals, appliqu├ęs and canvas art to decorate your walls. These are some lovely options to create some easy, custom wall art for any room. Most of these are for kids room, but I could see the blue canvas owl (in the last picture) in my living room. I love the simplicity and the color scheme! What do say?

Available at Murals For Kids.

Personalized Party Supplies

Do you like to add a personal tone to your parties? These Halloween theme owl napkins and shatterproof cups are just perfect. These can be personalized! There are more colors and patterns available at Plum Party to choose from.

Set of 50 Personalized cocktail and luncheon napkins is for $23.
Set of 50 shatterproof reusable is for $84.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Chillingworth, the owl. He is one of the many Ann Wood's amazing crafty inspirations. He was constructed out of an antique bodice shown below. I desire (so much) right now to hold him and examine every stitch, every fold and every tiny piece of cloth that went into it. He is stunning. Do you agree?

“A striking evidence of man’s faculty of transforming himself into a devil, if he will only, for a reasonable space of time, undertake a devil’s office.”

His eyes are amazing. In my opinion these buttons reflect an expression. An expression of wickedness.
Who knew there was so much wickedness hidden in this gorgeous bodice. Thank you Bess for this great find.

Do you feel being hypnotized by this owl?

Stationery by Sukie

Perpetual Calendar for $9.95

Mix and Match Stationery Set for $8.95. This includes 16 stationery sheets and 16 envelopes.

Sticky Notes for $8.95

Box of Labels for $15.95

Animals on Parade Notecard Set for $12.95

Gift Bags for $9.95

Notebook for £5.85

Sukie (team of Darrell and Julia) are one of my favorite graphic designers. They find their inspiration mostly in nature, traveling and old books.

"I [Darrell] am always collecting things and buying the odd old book. When I get a chance I sit down in the studio with a pencil and paper and look through all my latest acquisitions and my resent ideas folders. From these I make lots of tiny sketch ideas, Julia and I then go through them to see which will be turned into new products."

Do you know why are they called 'Sukie'?
Sukie was Julia's cat when she was a little girl.
That's cute. Isn't it?

Available at their website and Chronicle Books.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Collage Art Prints by Green Nest

Some very colorful art prints by Green Nest. They have so many more beautiful creations - prints, plush animals, pouches and even headers for blogs. See the artist's image gallery here. She welcomes custom work, so if you need something done and have an idea send her an email from her blog.

"Green Nest is a result from my love of creativity and bright colors. Each item and design is handmade by myself. About me: I come from a web design background and I love to combine bright friendly colors and a delightful design with animals and nature. "

Stamps at 'Hero Arts'

Oh, my goodness! Some of the cutest stamps that I’ve ever seen. Wouldn't you agree? There is an owl couple for making anniversary or Valentine card, 4 stylish owls, owls with cute messages and much more at Hero Arts.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Owl Calendars 2010

Available at Stephanie Fizer for $12.

Available at My Folk Lover for $18.

Available at Krank Press for $18.

Available at Letter C design for $12.25.

Available at Peony Paperie for $16.

I have accumulated some lovely owl 2010 calendars for you. Hope you find something you like for the coming year.

PS: I want to thank you all for the comments. Each and every comment means a lot to me. And also, thanks a lot to all of you who send me wonderful tips.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cutest Patterns Ever!

Aren't these the cutest owl patterns ever? These Halloween patterns feature skeletal owl (very cute, again) and ghosts.

First off, here's a twist on owls and ghosts! I've got me, some skeletal owls and ghosties, hooting "Tu-whit-tu-boo!!" I love how the owls start with "Tu-whit"-"tu" and the ghosts finish off with "Boo's!"

These patterns are designed by Lynn who has tons of amazing prints and patterns on her blog. There are lots of FREEBIES too!! Visit her shop page where you can buy cool t-shirts, notebooks, tote bags and more merchandise available in many of her patterns.