Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Friday!

I wish you all a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend!

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When Flowers Meet Wildlife

Sheila Mannes-Abbott is a talented botanical artist whose work primarily focuses on a wildlife and floral subjects. Her paintings demonstrates "painstaking detail; which is achieved using tiny brushes and layer upon layer of transparent water colour." Her original work has been reproduced on stationery, bone china plates, in textile designs and as limited edition prints. Visit her website for closer look at her work or join one of her classes at her studio in Watchet, Somerset.

Cushion Tutorial by Magdalena

Magdalena Franco of The Craft Revival emailed me to share her super hit owl cushion tutorial with you all. I call it super hit because she recently hosted a giveaway of her handmade owlie and had a huge success. Too bad, the giveaway is closed, but you can still have the owlie's tutorial to make one for yourself. There are easy to follow instructions with images and template pieces that can be downloaded here.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Beehive

Everybody loves pillows, and yet those of us not living in castles have issues finding enough space to store them. On the other hand, it's easy to have endless pillow covers as they are easy to stack in a closet. Little Beehive has recently released these two adorable designs of pillow covers which takes care of our pillow obsession!


Lark's new series of tights - Tightology, is full of bright colors and contemporary prints, and are perfect to be worn to dress up or accessorize any outfit. The nocturnal print (shown) is available in two styles for both adults and children.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stuart Kolakovic

Stuart Kolakovic is a cartoonist and an illustrator whose work mainly focuses on heritage and family history. I can't get enough of his colorful work and beautiful packaging of his products. The above shown images are of his pin badges adorned with amazing illustrations and the packaging is only a small specimen of Stuart's genius.

Souvenir Giveaway!

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Good Morning! How does a giveaway sound to you? I have a surprise giveaway of all the souvenirs I collected on my vacation for you. This giveaway will have four winners. Here is a little explanation, if you are interested in know what's from where.

The First Prize
Match Box- I found at a gift shop in San Francisco.
Incense Burner - It's from Thailand and a little different than our regular incense burner. It's made of resin and the incense cones (they come with it) burns inside the owl. You lift the head and place the incense cone and place the head back on. Different right?

The Second Prize
Salt and Pepper shaker - Since no one can have enough salt & pepper shakers, I got you one as well. When I saw the couple's expression, I couldn't resist buying them. From Thailand.
Fridge Magnet- When I think of souvenirs, I think of fridge magnets. This magnet looks cute with its movable wings, feet, head and tail.

The Third Prize
Tank Top - The tank top is white featuring an owl made using different, colorful fabrics of Thailand. It's 100% cotton! Perfect for summer. It looks even better in person.

The Fourth Prize
Bookmark - I found this little guy in Singapore, at a book store. If you are a reader, then don't let this one go.
Wood Figurine - Oh, he is my favorite. I tried my best in taking its photo so you could see the colors. He was spotted in Thailand at an art and craft bazaar. The artist was not there, but the shopkeeper explained to me that this is made of rain tree wood. It's supposed to be durable and very light in weight. He is gorgeous!
Baby Owl Figurine - He will keep you company while you are at work or home. His eyes are captivating!

This giveaway is open to all followers of My Owl Barn (click here to follow My Owl Barn). All you need to do to participate is to tweet or blog (Blogspot users click here) about this giveaway. Make sure you leave a comment with the link to your tweet or post mentioning the giveaway.

Winner will be announced sometime on May 26th!

Update: Our winners are Lola (first prize), Meg (second prize), Ashley (third prize) and Melissa (fourth prize). Thank you all for participating!

Owl Wall Clock

This quirky and cute clock by Hunky Dory is a functional piece of art, featuring teal blue owls and tree branches. It's made out of birch plywood and has been fitted with a quiet movement to reduce 'tick tock', making it ideal for children's room.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camp Cahoot Stationery Set

How fun is this camp themed stationery set! Each set consists of 30 sheets of writing paper, co-ordinating envelopes and stickers to keep you well stocked to write back home to family and friends while you are in the woods enjoying marshmallows!

{can be purchased here}


I'm glad that Johanna left me a comment about her new collectible folk art sculpture - Owlexander Web. This hand-formed papier mache is first of the "Rhyme Time Originals" series exclusive on eBay and comes with a matching rhyme.

" With mesmerizing eyes, glowing in the night,
Owlexander Web the owl is soon to take his flight.
Dressed in festive finery, he's ready to be seen,
By all the trick or treaters on the night of Halloween.
He spreads his wiry wings, and sits atop a ball,
And waits for all his owl friends to hoot their eerie call.
When Halloween arrives, it’s likely you will see,
The wings of Owlexander flying high above each tree! "

This piece was listed on eBay auction and has already been sold! You can visit her blog for updates on her new pieces from the series and a chance to win her art in a fantastic giveaway.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Darling Clementine: Woodland

I am enamored with the illustrations of the new card collection -Woodland, from Darling Clementine.

{A Playsuit}

I have never owned a playsuit, but this looks fun. Don't you think?

{available here}