Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Patch NYC Collaborated With The French Brand Antoinette Poisson

Antoinette Poisson is a French brand founded in 2012 by a duo of artists Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin. The brand specializes in exquisite wallpaper inspired by the 18th century French designs and patterns.

Patch NYC collaborated with team for this timeless collection called "Crepuscule" which means twilight. The collection offers a range of products including - printed paper, pillows, wallpaper, boxes, and other ornamental paper mache objects.

The collaboration features Don Carney's woodland animals in ink drawings surrounded in floral setting created by Antoinette Poisson. The animal motifs are hand-printed with traditional production techniques which gives these pieces an old-world charm. Each product is hand-made and some are painted by hand to add color. You can learn more about the collaboration and the process with which these products were created on the links given above.