Friday, August 1, 2014

Owls of India

Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee is an Indian artist, painter, printmaker and writer born in Kolkata. He studied at the Indian College of Art in Calcutta and has participated in over 50 solo exhibitions and group shows  in India as well as in abroad. He has been honored with several awards including the AIFACS, State Lalit Kala Academy and Birla Academy Awards. His work often depicts owls, cats, crows and other creatures from the animal kingdom drawn using mediums ranging from charcoal to chalk. The color black from charcoal is the primary in his work. “Black is a powerful color because it is a color that is not flat or empty. It is rather the combination of all colors and accordingly, can express entireties and wholeness.” he shares.

I hope you too enjoy Subhaprasanna's amazing artwork as much as I did. I love the sleeping owl in the second last image. If you have a favorite then please share by leaving a comment below, I'll love to know :)

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you on Monday. Until then you can join me on Facebook, if you like.

(images via here and here)

Make Owls Out of Leaves

This is a fun and an easy craft for kids to try this weekend. The tutorial teaches you how to make owls with leaves and some paper. You can make multiple owls and add a branch to create a unique fall art. For the entire tutorial go to this website which is in German. You can translate the site with the help of Google translator or just look at the images. The tutorial is very simple to understand, you don't really need instructions.

The materials needed for the project:
Pressed Leaves
Moving eyes (if you like, you can also draw them)

Free Printable Art

Today's freebie is this beautiful owl that I discovered on a blog called Constantly Constance. You can print the owl on a sturdy cardstock or art paper to make a lovely artwork instantly! It fits on a 8.5"x11" sheet which is a perfect size for framing or any other paper project. This image is only for personal use. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fossil "Key-Per" Owl Print Bag Collection

Fossil's new Key-Per bag range offers a wide variety of handbags in owl print. The design features owl motif on a beautiful pink and is available on backpack, flap cross body, phone case, shopper tote, cosmetic bag, wristlet and wallet. So many choices! This gorgeous collection is functional yet cute for everyday use. Get the one that compliments your style. You can find all the products from the collection here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Artwork of Kevin Stinehart


"Palmetto Tree"

"Pit bull"

"Etz Chayim"Hebrew for "Tree of Life."

"Birds on Wire"



Kevin Stinehart is a mixed media and woodworking artist based in Greenville, South Carolina. He creates eco-friendly artwork constructed from salvaged wood, paper, found objects, and discarded books that he procures from local farmers, ranchers, dumpsters and burn barrels. 

"I have found that in life some of the most striking beauty is found in the discarded and broken things. I strive to mirror that same hope in the art that I create. While the end result should be a thing of aesthetic pleasure, the ultimate goal is always redemption-- something new from the old, something lovely from the rubbish, and in each of us, and in all things, another chance to be made beautiful." - via

He has an online store on Etsy where he sells his original pieces, greetings cards and ornaments. Check out this video which gives you a glimpse at his process in making the art.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Macramé Owl Dresses by RED Valentino

RED VALENTINO Sleeveless Macramé Owl Dress available here

Macramé Owl with Taffeta Skirt available here

Teepee Owls by Inga Wilmink

Inga Wilmink is a freelance illustrator and a surface pattern designer born in Germany presently living in London. She has been working in the design industry for over 10 years now and some of her clients with whom she has worked include Sainsbury's, Tesco, Walmart US, Walmart Canada, and WHSmith. The above illustrations are from her "Teepee Owls" collection which is available for licensing or purchase. You can visit her website to know more and to contact her with your questions related to her work.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Incredible Photorealistic Drawings by Karla Mialynne

Good morning, friends! I hope you all had a restful weekend. I would like to start our week here with these drawings by Karla Mialynne that'll bring more cheer in your day. Karla Mialynne is an artist based in New York who creates these incredible photorealistic illustrations using watercolor pencils, colored pens and acrylic paints. At the end of her work she photographs all the tools she used right next to the drawings. Her work is just amazingly textured and filled with realistic details that it'll make you forget that what you are looking at are not photos.