Friday, May 31, 2019

Artist Creates Multiple Paintings to Hand-Cut and Reassemble Them Into A Single Art Piece

Vancouver based mixed media artist Anastasia Kimmett creates abstract paintings with variety of media including but not limited to ink, oil pastel, gold and silver leaf. Her art is inspired by nature - birch and aspen trees, landscapes, seasons and forest animals are the recurring theme in her work. She creates several paintings of the same subject matter on a heavy card, then hand-cuts them into small pieces that are reassembled into one art piece. The papers are fastened to a stained board and varnished for durability.

"Her works are rich in color and inspire the imagination to see depth and unlimited images and landscapes. What is seen when standing back from a finished piece will vary from person to person and from moment to moment but when one looks closer at 'the big picture', it will reveal itself for what it truly is, a collection of beautiful, tiny building blocks of pure emotion. "

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Zara Merrick Paints Birds With Vintage and Antique Fabrics


English textile artist Zara Merrick is a talented craftswoman who paints with fabric. She is currently working on a series of birds depicting different kinds of owls, parrots and other feathered creatures. The artist has a growing collection of fabric that she gathers from vintage stores and antique fairs.

She usually has the list of colors and patterns for the piece she is working on which organically changes if she comes across something that she thinks would do more justice to the piece. If textile patterns is the integral part of the process then embroidery is what brings her birds to life. Zara works for endless hours to stitch together every little piece of fabric giving it a three dimension and dense texture. 

You can see the creations she worked on in the past and find her new work along with behind the scenes on Instagram.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hyper-realistic Drawings on Old Sales Receipts by Michael Moccia


Michael Moccia is an Italian artist who has been drawing from the ago of two. He is passionate about making hyper-realistic drawings, popular fictional characters and re-creations of classic works by world known artists. 

He uses any piece of paper he can find as his canvas from old sales receipts and cigarette covers to draw Starry Night, Kiss, The girl with the pearl earring, Scream, and characters such as Harry Potter, Severus Piton and more. You can see more of his work on Instagram where he shares his new creations with over 85k followers.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Intricate Paper-cut Artwork Inspired by Birds By Emma Davison

Emma Davison is the artist and owner of a design studio E&D Workroom based in Northern Ireland. She creates hand-cut paper artwork inspired by local birds and their natural habitat. She has been working on series on three dimensional feathered creatures constructed with multi-layered paper. Each piece is hand-drawn and hand-cut using a surgical scalpel. Her work is delicate and intricate, exploring the subtle interplay of light and shade. 

She has created exquisite paper-cut artwork for Hillsborough Castle. You can follow her on Instagram for updates on new work and announcement on the upcoming events.