Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gaiam's Peace Bottle

This Gaiam stainless steel bottle features a peace symbol consisting of all kinds of birds, animals and plants. One of those birds is an owl. Owl-say-peace, always! You can get it at Gaiam. Currently it's on sale for $15.98.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Owl Babies in the Tree

I was flipping through Flickr, when I came across this photograph by Roger. It completely made my day! I wanted to share the cuteness of these Great Horned owl babies who seem to be enjoying in their unique nest. If you look closely, it looks as if they are wearing eye masks.

Salt and Pepper

This vintage pair of wooden salt and pepper shakers are by Le Petit Boutique. I wish I could zoom-in some more to see their eyes closely. Adore those bow tie!!

Friday Freebie!

Yesterday, I came across this cool website NaniBird, which has loads of birds to "download, print, cut and play!" I was holding my breath while browsing through the website, hoping to find an owl. I rejoiced at seeing this colorful owl. Isn't it awesome? Download it here. Have fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Urban Outfitters

Urban outfitters has these fun and funky owl pillowcases for all of us owl fans. I wonder if they feature mom-daughter(or son!) owls?


With all it's glitter and glam, it's a perfect Christmas tree decoration. I like its soft, feathery feel and its eyebrows make me laugh. I think, I could also use this as a napkin clip to dress up my dining table for dear guests. Would you?

Available at Velvet.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I wish I knew how to knit because I want these owlets so much. I like them in the tree hole, but I love them in the tiny, little nests on swings. You can get patterns for these Oscillating Owlets from Anna's shop - Mochimochi. You would want to stop by and see many more cute patterns which will leave you wanting more. Her shop is a haven for knitters!

Lark: Motif Soap

Lark's new range - Swap, offers achingly cute soaps which are inspired by vintage swap cards of the 1970s and 1980s. These animal motif soaps are made of organic ingredients: coconut, olive, palm and sunflower oils. Go ahead, use these. Yes, USE, because it won't fade or rub off the motif. Isn't that amazing?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ellen Giggenbach

Ellen Giggenbach is a graphic designer based in New Zealand. The idea of creating her own patterns first came to her on a vacation in Venice. She saw a store selling products "embellished with a distinctive range of patterns" and decided to pursue her career in design. Today, she is proud to realise her dream and have a collection of bags, cushion and cards inspired by "an eclectic mix of simple 1950’s and 60’s shapes, European folk art and traditional romantic imagery." Some of her products are available here.

Elsewares: Owl Towel

Towel, Towel, Towel. It's an essential in the kitchen, but it might also inspire us to cook a little more than usual if it's as adorable as this one. So, did it inspire you enough? Hand printed owl towel by Elsewares. It 100% cotton and measures 20" x 28".

Zines by Garcia + Louise

I still don't trust them (2006)
Garcia Louise is a partnership between Garcia Haby and Louise Jennison from Melbourne. Their work includes collages, zines, artists books, postcards and other handmade paper goods.

"Our work, as visual artists, is, for the most part, made in collaboration. We work side-by-side creating limited edition artists’ books and prints and other such works on paper, our medium of choice. Louise holds dear her watercolour palette and I treasure my Honeybee scissors for collage" interview to Design Sponge. You can read more of their interview here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Made By White

Yesterday I discovered this fun website Made By White, and I knew I had to let you know about it. It's a business run by two sisters, Lyndsay and Kelly White, hence the name of their brand, Made By White. Their products are unique and beautiful. The top four images are of wall stickers and the bottom two are of chalkboards. My favorite of the lot is the deer sticker. Notice the branches for antlers and owl, squirrel, bat, snail etc hidden in them.

Loungefly: {Bags}

Owl with trees tote and clutch

Crowded teeth green owl tote and clutch

Loungefly is known for canvas bags with skull patterns, but their new product range has these adorable owl print canvas totes and clutches. The tote on the top features owls alongside trees, and the tote at the bottom features faux suede appliqu├ęd owls and clouds. Both the prints are available in clutches too. Lovely!

Mie Kongo: Cup

Good Morning! How do you like this cute little cup for your first dose of owl-ness? The designer, Mie, used an owl from 1950s mold and attached to the cup that she designed herself. I like the tiny blue tint on the cup. You?

Check out these cups in several styles and sizes in her store.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hi+New 'My Owl Barn'

Hi everyone, how's your day going? Did you get some time to relax and catch up on things? As for me, I really needed this weekend to scratch off few important things from my long list. One of those things were to change the template for the blog. Which I did! I'd truly appreciate if you could let me know how do you like the new look of the blog. I have only changed the skin, the soul is same ;)

Card from Card Store.