Thursday, December 5, 2019

Paper-cut Artwork Inspired by Flora and Fauna by Emma Holmes

Emma Holmes of Songs of Six Pence is a paper-cut artist from the south of England. She creates intricate paper-cut artwork inspired by flora and fauna. Her work often features owls, birds, hares, mice, bees, and otters surrounded by natural elements. She painstakingly cuts feathers, scales and fur of her creatures one tiny piece of paper at a time. I really love the pop of bright colors that spark life into the pieces. 

Her art has been exhibited in the local cafes and restaurants. She has participated in summer art festival at Pickhams Garden. For updates on new work and future events follow her on Instagram.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Beautiful Holiday Prints, Cards, Ornaments and Tags by Oana Befort

I am enamored by Nebraska based freelance artist Oana Befort artwork. Her watercolor illustrations are rich with colors and beautiful patterns. She depicts flora, fauna and human figures in her work that are inspired by folklore style. She has been posting about her new, holiday collection in her signature style on Instagram. The collection offers art prints, gift tags, holiday ornaments and greeting cards. You can follow her on Instagram and find her fine paper goods in her online store.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Mail From Over 100 Countries Decorated With Hand-Painted Birds

Yann Lesacher is an artist who lives in Brittany, France. He is working on an ongoing project "Feathered Mail" for which he paints birds in watercolors on envelopes. The envelopes are mailed to him from supporters of his work and project from the remotest parts of the world. He has received mail from countries such as South Sudan, Kenya, North Korea, Nicaragua, and Nepal.

His aim is to make art of 197 different creatures on envelopes collected from 197 different countries. So far he has received envelopes from over 100 countries, if you want to help then check the list of the countries from which he needs the envelopes on his blog. You can also follow him on Instagram.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Antique Gold Leaf Watercolor Paintings by Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris is an artist and a writer living and working in Wales. As a little girl Jackie used to watch her father draw birds, at the age of six the bird appearing on the piece of paper was magic to her. She decided to become an artist so she could "conjure" birds from paper. Jackie paints owls, birds, hares, and other wildlife creatures using a unique technique. She paints her subject in watercolors then puts a wash in the background and covers it with antique gold leaf.

For seven years she worked for many magazines including The New Statesman, New Socialist, New Society, Guardian and Radio Times. She also designed cards and calendars for Greenpeace and Amnesty International, and designed children's books.

She won the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2019 for her illustration of The Lost Words, the book was voted as the most beautiful book UK booksellers. Jackie Morris said the following words in her acceptance speech: “The times ahead are challenging. It seems to me that artists, writers, musicians have one job at the moment – to help to tell the truth about what is happening to this small and fragile world we inhabit, to re-engage with the natural world, to inspire and to imagine better ways to live. Because there is no Planet B and we are at a turning point. And because in order to make anything happen it first needs to be imagined. And as writers and illustrators for children we grow the readers and thinkers of the future."

The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane, illustrated by Jackie Morris. Available here.