Friday, May 20, 2011

Jessica Faulk: Ceramics









Jessica Faulk is a pottery artist based in Houston, Texas. Her pieces are stunning and often feature fun, colorful designs inspired by children’s book illustrations, animals, folk art and lots of contemporary ceramic art. "Most of my works are functional and I love the idea that someone can use handcrafted art in even life’s most mundane rituals." I adore that owl alphabet plate. It'll look perfect in a kid's room. This weekend she will be exhibiting at Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, Texas on May 21 and 22. For more details, click here.

Have a great weekend!

DIY: Make Owls from Egg Shells



Don't throw out those eggs shells away when your breakfast is over, use them to create these adorable owls! It'll be a fun project to try out with your kids (or for yourself ) this weekend. Click here to get step by step instructions on making these colorful paper mosaics covered owls and when you are done use them as pencil holder for your desk, and receive compliments :)

Lace Owl Necklace


I love this lace owl necklace inspired by 1960's-70's huge owl pendants by This Ilk. This vintage style necklace is made with hand dyed lace and available in 10 different colors here.

Free Alphabet Flashcards






Today's freebie is by Ashley who has made these alphabet flash cards and shared on her blog to download for free!  She calls them "alphafantastical" because these cards are a fantastic way to add an instant decor to any room of your house. These can be used to spell out your newborn's name and hung in the nursery wall. I  think those owls will also look great in a frame. Click here to download the cards.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unique American Folk Art Pillow






A unique and absolutely beautiful American folk art pillow - circa 1920, adorned with painted snow owl, rabbit, squirrel, woodpecker and cardinal. This one-of-a-kind antique collectors pillow is available at a very high price (for $450) at Z & K Antiques.

Sara Pulver: 3Crows






Sara Pulver is a self-taught artist currently living in Rochester, NY. She has mostly been painting animals like cats, dogs and owls, portraying them in humans roles with funny names like Jinky and NeeNee, and they all have a story. To learn more about them, visit Sara's gallery here.

To buy her original paintings, prints, ACEOs and cards, stop by her online store - 3Crows.

Zuny Owl Bank

There is no CB2 store where I live, so I make sure I visit one when I am travelling to another city. They always have tons of fun and quirky stuff like this owl piggy bank called "Zuny owl bank". It's so cute! The white porcelain surface of the wise guy is suitable for drawing and doodling on with crayons included in the pack. The description says "ages six and up," which means I qualify ;)

Why is an Owl Smart? - Cake

Did you know there is a website called Threadcakes? I didn't know until today when I stumbled across this stunning cake titled "Why is an Owl Smart", made for a cake contest on Threadcakes. The cake features an owl wearing reading glasses, perched in the tree and reading a book from his library built in the tree. I love the imagination of the cake artist! The yellow, black and white color palette perfectly depicts the night time. Who knew black will look good on food?

Sorry, I didn't find any instructions, but there are lots of images and a brief info. on the material used for the cake here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011








Stunning artwork by Polish artist Otecki. Isn't that owl graffiti in the picture at the top just amazing!

Twit and Howlet and the Balloon by Barbara Jones

I recently discovered these wonderful owl illustrations from the children's story book "Twit and Howlet and the Balloon" from 1970 written by Barbara Jones. 

The story goes like this - “The Owls were a large family of uncles, aunts, cousins and Grandma, who lived in an oak-tree called The Pines. Howlet and Twit, the twins, were the youngest of them, and sometimes they were indulged and sometimes they were sat upon, like everyone else”. The twins build a hot air balloon and win a French balloon race with it by accidentally fly across the Channel. In the end, they get home in time to see themselves with the cup on television with rest of the family. It's a sweet story book, but the pictures are even better.

This book with amazing pictures doesn't come easy and doesn't come cheap. There are only a few copies available and if you are really lucky to find one, it won't come without an expensive price tag. You'll be looking at price close to $1000, currently available at Abebooks.

{images via here}

Stephanie Birch

Owl family made of clay by Stephaine Birch.

Jetta's Nest

Lovely owl brooch by Samantha Gilkes of Jetta's Nest. Each of her brooches are made using salvaged and recycled timber, and are then hand-cut into the fun designs such as owls, pencils, mushrooms, whale and more. Every brooch bears an illustration hand drawn by the artist herself making each brooch unique. To view more of her creations,visit her gallery here.