Friday, March 31, 2017

Wonderful Paintings on Wood by Sally Welchman


I'll wrap up for the week with the charming work of a Brighton based painter Sally Welchman. She paints animals on reclaimed wood sourced from a local wood recycling project or from car boot sales and charity shops. She begins by roughly sketching a piece with charcoal on wood before painting quirky animals and other objects in bright colored acrylics. Her work is generally done on abstract shaped reclaimed wood that gives her work rough appearance and makes each piece unique.

You can find her original pieces as well as prints on wood in her online store - MoggShop.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Animal Planters For Your Tiny Plants

Canada based ceramist Alicia Zwicewicz is the creator and owner of Beardbangs ceramics. She hand-makes adorable animal and silly faced planters that are a perfect home for your favorite tiny plants and succulents. The ceramics will certainly brighten up any corner of your home. Her pieces are made to order, so if there is something you like then you can contact the artist through her profile page.

"My work is meant to be accessible, to be picked up and used every day, being not only completely useful to daily life but also brightening it. The aspects of this job I love most are seeing someone’s face burst into a smile as they walk past my display, and seeing adults and children alike connect to the bright colours and silly faces of my characters. I am inspired and motivated by these human interactions, and am also influenced by Scandinavian pottery and design, a retro aesthetic, and my family." - via.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pensive or Wicked? What's Your Bedding Type?

The owl duvet sets is by Slovenian online store Ooh Noo that specializes in manufacturing minimalist contemporary design products for the little ones. The brand is a team of a few young designers, painters and artists, a printer and a seamstress who make products by hand out of pure old-world materials. The pure cotton duvet sets come in two owl designs - 'wicked' and 'pensive' that will go well with tiny geometric triangles and spider web designed pillowcases. If you are looking for bedding that's fun and comfortable then make sure you check out more products on their website. They ship worldwide!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quirky Designs on Kitchen Linen and Homeware

Ulster Weavers is a home textiles brand based in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Their offer a wide range of kitchen linens and homeware in quirky designs that often feature owls, roosters, sheep, cats, birds, horses and more. The newest "Twit Twoo" range in bold colors depict owls perched on a tree branch surrounded with beautiful floral design and patterns.

I couldn't resist but include other fun designs available on aprons, trays, bags, paper napkins, mugs, tea towels, mitts and tea cosies. The products are perfect for those who love animals and want to bring a little bit of whimsy in their everyday life. You can find all the products shown and many more online here.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Reused Fabric Art by Louise Saxton

Louise Saxton is an Australian mixed media artist currently living and working in Melbourne, Victoria. For the past 15 years she has been creating textile artwork using recycled materials including business envelopes, vintage wallpapers, old needlework, book illustrations and even domestic porcelain. She creates, sort of "paintings", of birds with painstaking labor of layering and pinning the materials she collected on a translucent canvas of bridal tulle. There is no stitching involved.

Her work is inspired by historical paintings by artists from the 16th – 20th century. Through her work the artist is reinterpreting works of many natural history artists, from the famous 19th century bird painters, John James Audubon to Lilian Medland to the prolific 20th century Australian bird painters. The birds shown above are from the Sanctuary Collection a tribute to natural-history paintings drawn from Museum and Library collections around the world. 

The artist is participating among other contemporary Victorian artists at the exhibition 'From the Bower: patterns of collecting' by Warrnambool Art Gallery until 12th June, 2017. For more details and other information go here.