Friday, May 6, 2016

DIY Wooden Animal Blocks

With the temperature rising, I am happy to have found this wonderful project that you can try your hands on while staying cool indoors and create something that kids will love to play with! Hannah of "We lived happily ever after" handmade these animal blocks with natural wood. To make you own wooden blocks, you'll need only three things. Just collect the scraps of wood from your last project, and a jig saw and some paint. And you are all good to go! You'll find the complete instructions with images and the template for the animals that you can download and print from here.

Adorable Totem Owlettes Printable

These little guys are pretty neat! Paper toys are fun to make and play with. It's a great activity for the kids as well as for grown ups. You can download "The Totem Owlettes" from Sanglota and print them free to make your own little owl collection. The template comes in four colorways. Each owl measure 9cm x 9cm when installed.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mi Clo Kimono Jackets with Beautiful Illustrations

Mi Clo is a design brand from Madrid, Spain founded in 2011 by Camino López a designer and an illustrator. Not matter where we are, we can discover places and stories through her illustrations adorning totes, blouses, prints and ceramics. Her illustrations are influenced by her travels that take you to a world where animals, birds, humans and other imaginative characters live in a perfect harmony. She says "Mi Clo, as a way to pursue my own professional and personal expression through illustration."

She has designed four collections each one with a fascinating theme. The limited edition collection Psychopteros & Algos is my personal favorite inspired by Greek Mythology.

“Many centuries ago, in the splendor of Ancient Greece, 
in a small village in the Kingdom of Macedonia, 
there was a king who had three very beautiful daughters. 
The youngest of them was blessed with an unattainable beauty 
but she was, however, as sad as she was beautiful..”

That is how this myth begins, Psyche and Eros, 
a tale about how love found the human soul.

The collection has five chapters - Agora, Altis, Megaron, Andron and Olimpo. Each one has its own beautiful design that can be found on kimono jackets and t-shirts. Andron features a striking design of an owl in the deep forest in black and yellow. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oiva Toikka Glass Bird Collection

Stunning glass birds and owls by internationally renowned Finnish artist Oiva Toikka. Toikka has created more than 400 birds over the last fifty years. Each bird is individually mouth-blown, making each one unique work of art. The vivid colors of the birds come from the glass, not from paint. The birds are highly sort after among the private collectors all over the world. 

"Oiva Toikka explores the opportunities offered by glass, exploiting the renowned iittala skill with color, and the transparency and opacity of glass. There is great virtuosity in the way filigree and filigree tape have been used to depict the bird's plumage. In his birds, Oiva Toikka uses glass like a painter uses his palette." - All Modern.

He has won numerous awards, among them the Lunning Prize, Pro Finlandia Medal, World Glass Now 85 Award, Kaj Franck Design Prize and the Prince Eugen Medal. You can find more of his birds here and can find them in a store near you. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Love Mae Bamboo Dinnerware Collection

Peta O' Neill is the founder and designer behind the gorgeous products by Love Mae a brand based in Australia. They specialize in producing  fabric wall decals, wallpaper and bamboo dinnerware for kids and kid's at heart. 

The vintage inspired beautiful biodegradable dinner sets are fabulous and earth friendly. The dinnerware with melamine like finish come in 5 pieces, 4 pieces and 3 pieces. The designs that you can choose from vary from woodland animals, farm animals, forest animals to dinosaur.  Your little ones will love eating their meals off the adorable dinnerware that will also appeal to their conscious parents.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Delightfully Illustrated Notebooks

Good morning! I hope you all had a relaxing and restful weekend. Let's start the new week with some lovely notebooks by Mossery. Many of us have moved to taking notes on one or the other app on our very beloved iPads. But I still find that it's easier and quicker to write in a notebook. I do carry a notebook with me for taking notes when I am reading a book and to jot down my thoughts. Notebooks are essential to my stationery stash. These delightful notebooks are every writers dream. They feature fun characters such as "Sherlock Owl", "Amelia Bearhart", and "Rich Uncle Pennypug" in bright to soft color palette. 

“We believe in effortless sophistication, quiet confidence and living light— free from fuss and clutter— with just a little mischief thrown into the mix. So whether you'd rather roar or whisper, we hope to add a splash of color to your busy day”- from their etsy profile.