Friday, January 12, 2018

Valentine's Day Wooden Greeting Cards

Yvonne Leung started Cardtorial five years ago as one woman business, today it has grown to a small team of creative people. She and her team design cards out of eco-friendly and sustainable wood. She quit her job in finance to do something where she could express herself creatively and create something unique to share with her friends.

Craftorial made a perfect sense to her as she always liked giving and receiving cards, and the memories it brings back years after when you look at them. She looks everywhere for inspiration from cheesy sayings to funny quotes on t-shirts. You can find cards for all occasions, including the Valentine's day series in her online store. While you are there check out the journals, keepsake boxes, coasters, ornaments and art print.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Stone Hand-Painted With Delightful Characters


Irene Fenollar is an illustrator from Valencia. While growing up, she wanted to be a Veterinarian so she was drawing lots of animals. She studied Fine Arts from Universidad Polit├ęcnica of Valencia and later on in life specialized in animation. Now she still illustrates and makes animations for magazines and video games.

Her stones are made from natural river stone and hand-painted with delightful little creatures that will bring an instant cheer to the viewer. Her work is detailed and colorful that'll make any corner of your house liven up. You can join her on Instagram for new work or visit her store online.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Embroidered Collars by Nadya Sheremet

Nadya Sheremet is an artist born in Ukraine and presently living in Russia, Ramenskoe. While growing up she was surrounding by beautiful stuff handmade by her parents and grandparents. She learnt her first lesson of satin stitch embroidery from her grandmother. It this passion and love for making things with hand that led her career into doll making and embroidery. The series of her hand-embroidered collars are stunning! They are colorful, they are full of texture and they look like paintings featuring flowers, birds and animals. I selected just a few embroidery work by here for the post but you can go to her Instagram to view more of her work.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Paper Sculptures With Incredible Detail



Carlos Meira is a paper artist, designer and art director from Brazil. He studied at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he attended the Arts Course. In the beginning of the 1990s, he moved to Portugal where he discovered his distinctive style of paper sculpture. When he returned to Brazil in 1996 he dedicated his time and focus to make illustrations. Now he makes paper sculpture and illustrations with jaw-dropping details.

His sculptures are made of of layers and layers of paper that give his work a three dimensional effect. Every tiny piece of paper is hand-cut, sometimes hand-painted, bent, rounded, smoothened to get a desired end result. Although his work has recurring theme of sports, carnival, landscapes, birds and owls but you can view more variety of work on his website.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Ceramic Vessels Painted In Whimsical Imagery

Myungjin Kim is a ceramic artist born in South Korea. In 2002, she earned MFA degree in ceramic art at Seoul National University. She makes figurines and vessels that often depict hand-painted still life in vivid colors and patterns. The breath-takingly stunning pieces have neutral background painted with dark glaze that reveal a story inspired by artist's imagination.

"Her work is about human life stories that blend the real and surreal using figuration, animals, vessels and assorted objects."

Myungjin Kim has taught Ceramics at Santa Ana College, Cerritos College, University of Georgia, Athens, UGA Study Abroad Program, Cortona and Italy. Her ceramics are featured in private and public collections in the USA and Asia.  You can view the work she has done in the past and her new work on her website.