Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Holiday Weekend!

I wish each one of you a wonderful long weekend. The Fourth of July is an Independence Day in the US. If you are in the States then you know it's a time for festivities and fun with loved ones. Have a safe weekend! I'll see you back on Tuesday.

The owl painting shown is by a self-taught artist Heather Reichard also know as Blue Eyed Dragonfly.

DIY: Woodland Creature Pins

This is a great project that teaches how to make your own woodland animal pins at fraction of the cost. These handmade cute critters are perfect to give away as party favors for a woodland themed party. To whip up your animals you'll need air drying white clay, clay knife, rolling pin, sand paper, acrylic paint, hot glue gun, and craft pin backs. You can easily find all the material at your local craft store. The diy comes with printable animal templates that can be downloaded from here.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fun Japanese Products by Kotoritachi

I always find myself gravitating towards Japanese products for their unique and cute designs. I recently came across a fun Japanese brand Kotoritachi that creates wide range of products including stationery, fabric, socks, pouches and tableware all decorated with their own original bird motifs. That's right! Their website is loaded with products that come in various owls prints in vibrant colors.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prints and Cards by Camille Chew

I am loving the wonderful art prints and cards by New York artist Camille Chew. Her work inspired by mythology and occult has lot of beautiful patterns and rich colors. You can find her products on Society6.

If her work looks familiar that is because I featured her jewelry on the blog not a while ago here. She is lady of many talents. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Adorable Origami Animals With Everyday Objects

Wenche Lise Fossland is an artist from Norway who creates delightful origami sculptures of animals and other magical things from paper. She started doing origami on a family holiday when she was inspired by a beautiful origami lamp. Since then she hasn't looked back, Wenche Lise taught herself origami by finding inspiration online and gave it her own unique style. She creates an environment around her origami animal using everyday things from vegetables, fruits, twigs etc. 

“I even look at the vegetables in the grocery store in a different way now,” she says. “A fennel can be an exotic island and the broccoli has great potential to be tree material in my origami world.” Visit her Instagram to see more of her wonderful origami creations.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Cross-Stitch Murals on Chain Link Fences

I am a huge fan of street art. It just makes my day when I am walking down a street and come across a beautiful piece drawn by a generous artist on a long forgotten spot. Urban X-Stitch is a project of a French street art duo Vanessa and St├ęphane that happens to induce the similar feeling. They create colorful and fun cross-stitch embroideries with yarn through ordinary fences across city streets. 

The artists begin with a carefully designed regular sized pattern to form their eye-catching characters and scenes that resemble cross-stitch embroidery. Their favorite tool is yarn, instead of using thread they use pieces of fabrics to make their signature art. Imagine coming across one of these on your way to work, I am sure you will be delighted!