Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday + Tea

Happy Friday, everyone! I leave you with these beautiful photos which say "tea" to me. If you know me, then you already know that I am a coffee person, but I have decided to move out of my comfort zone and try tea. It's not like that I don't drink tea every now and then, but then again I just stick with black tea. The local co-op food store in my area has a huge variety of teas and my friend introduced me to tea with rice puffs. I had no idea that rice could be one of the ingredients in tea. Anyway, I really liked the taste of it (not that I am quitting coffee) and am going to explore other wonderful flavors like pomegranate green tea about which I read about on a blog. Do you have a secret tea concoction that you enjoy? I'll love to try it! Have a tea-some weekend!

{images from here, here, here and here}

Brooke Noble

Brooke noble is a New York based clay artist whose work has been exhibited in 60 galleries nation wide. Her pottery is beautiful, whimsical and functional. The artist describing her work: "I enjoy making objects that can rescue one from the monotony of everyday activity. As I pay homage to the ordinary, I embrace the subtleties, simple as well as specific."Her pieces are available for purchase at Crimson Laurel Gallery, for more information visit their website.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paola Zakimi

Paola Zakimi of Holli is an illustrator, painter and a doll maker, based out of Argentina. I'm in love with her lovely art work and find it very inspiring. She is currently running a sale on her store, you get 1 print free with every print you purchase. So, hurry! There are over 100 prints to choose from.

Helen Musselwhite: Glass Domes

Helen Musselwhite is one of the most talented paper artists and remains my favorite so far. I have blogged about her wonderful artwork before, here. Just recently, I've come across her gorgeous glass domes show casing her delicate and intricate paper sculptures. Each piece under the glass dome feels like a wonderful world of whimsy and fairytale, which needs to be observed closely.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clova Knits From Scotland

I'm smitten by these cheerful hand-knitted cushions by Clova Knits. The artist works with multicolored lambswool, spun in a mill in Scotland.

Collection: Doormats

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anna See

I'm loving these illustration by Anna See, an artist and freelance designer based out of California. I enjoyed reading Anna's refreshing and encouraging bio on her website which I'd like to share here with you all. Anna shares "After often being admonished for “being all over the place,” Anna finally realized that it’s okay to challenge yourself and explore, and that versatility can be a strength. “Style should not drive the picture; the picture should drive the style.” I agree with Anna, it is okay to try different things and doing what you feel is right, doing what inspires you. Do you agree?