Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Friday! + Colorful Artwork by Machiko Kaede


Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your visit to My Owl Barn the past week. I am grateful to each one of you for your supportive emails and encouraging comments. It's means the world to me that you take out time from your day to visit the blog. Thank you! 

Before I wrap up for the weekend let me introduce you to an amazing artist Machiko Kaede from Tokyo, Japan. His distinctive work often depicts owls, birds and other forest animals in bright colors. You can view more of his work on Behance. Have a wonderful weekend and see you back on Monday!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Arabic Words Illustrated To Resemble Their Literal Meaning

Mahmoud Tammam is a graphic designer based out of Alexandria, Egypt. He gave himself an experimental typography project to transform Arabic words into shapes of their meanings. His pictorial translation series is primarily focused on animals created by turning sloping curves and dots into the bodies. So far he has created over 40 illustrated words, looking at which you can understand what it is that you are reading without knowing the language. Each picture has an Arabic word underneath it to show how the word is illustrated by the artist to match it closely. 

You can visit the artist's Instagram and Behance to view more of his illustrated words. Images via My Modern Met.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Babies' Dreams Translated into Fabric Collection

Night Owls in grey

Night Owls in neutral metallic

Big Roar in neutral

Prickles in neutral

Tinies in neutral

Toys in grey

Sweet Dreams in white

Bunny Hill in grey

Maps in grey

"Sleep Tight" is an adorable fabric collection designed by Sarah Watts. The collection is inspired by what babies might dream about in their sleep. The whimsical fabric range features nocturnal animals like owls, unicorns and objects in two color palettes which are gender neutral. The designs "night owls", "big roar", "toys", "maps", "sweet dreams" and "bunny hill" are fun to make anything with that'll go well with the modern decor of your nursery. Available here.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stunning Collages by Maria Berrio

New York artist Maria Berrio creates collages using torn pieces of beautiful Japanese, Thai, Nepalese paper and images. Her work has mystical and dream-like quality that often features female figures and companion animals amidst densely patterned surroundings. Each piece is a result of her own thoughts and imagination, and influenced by her experiences. 

“A lot of my work is autobiographical…it could be about me, or my time in the world and how I am feeling or what I am imagining,” she says. “Of course, it also relates to other people and other things too, to imaginary beings, to ecology, to magical realism, to surrealism too, but at the same time [it] is always me.” via

She has participated in both groups and solo shows, and have showcased her work in art fairs in US, Korea, India and Colombia. She is currently represented by Praxis International Gallery, New York.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Embroidered Artworks by Louise Gardiner

Louise Gardiner is a contemporary artist who uses a unique combination of free sewing machine embroidery, paint, fabric, beads and threads to make colorful and textured artwork. Every piece is one-of-a-kind created with several hours of painstaking attention, creativity and spontaneity. Her work which is inspired by nature often has animal and bird drawings that are dressed in intricate stitches. 

She was honored with a scholarship by The London Embroiderers’ Guild for her embroidery and was also  selected for ‘Art of the Stitch,’ ‘ORIGIN’ and the ‘PFAFF’ Embroidery awards. She has exhibited internationally and has worked for both public and private clients. She has completed several large scale public commissions including ‘The Wacky Races’ for ‘The Gloucester Royal Children's Hospital’, an interactive project ‘Birds of Paradise,’ with the women’s’ ‘PICU’ Unit at Blackberry Hill, Bristol and a large embroidered Tumbleweed for The Royal Oldham Hospital. Her work is expanding into products like scarves, cushions and as prints that are available in her online shop.