Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Owl Miss You

Hi everyone, I am sorry that I have been absent for a while now. The truth is I was struggling to juggle between my online life and real life. 

A few years ago, me and my husband started an animal rescue centre in the Himalayas where we share the house with injured stray animals whom we take care of with the help of our team. Most of my time goes towards working with the local women who create handmade products so we can raise funds for the animal rescues and their treatments. For the longest time, I was adamant to not let go of My Owl Barn and somehow managed to switch between writing blog which I had always loved and my responsibility towards our huge undertaking.

I have now reached a point where I feel I can no longer do justice to the blog that has been my baby all this while, that I cherished all these years, and because of which I met so many amazing people like you all!

It's time for me to move on now and devotee myself to something that gives me the purpose of my life. I want to thank you all for staying with me and encouraging me. None of it would have been possible without your support. If you want to stay in touch with me as I embark on this new journey, you can join me on Instagram @kahaniwalishivani