Friday, October 2, 2015

Vintage Halloween Printables

I am a sucker for anything retro and when I saw these I knew they are so cool to not share them with you here. These cute retro inspired printables are a great way to decorate with this halloween. The owl, cat and jack-o-lantern can be used to decorate greeting cards, a gift box, to make a paper banner or even as a template for pumpkin. You can download the graphics from Oil and Blue for free. Enjoy!

Danish Wooden Sculptures by Architectmade

Paul Anker Hansen handmade his first wooden owl in 1960 for the Danish company Architectmade. The wooden owl sculpture is still crafted by hand at a small wood shop in Denmark in Danish oak. The owl's head is attached to the body with a strong magnet which allows the head to tilt and move in different directions creating distinctive expressions. 

Architectmade is a Danish brand specializing in offering exclusive products designed by famous architects from the 1950's and 60's including Kristian Vedel. Kristian Vedel's very expressive BIRD series is another masterpiece that I loved from the Architetmade. These birds "can express happiness, sadness and curiosity, living alone or together as a family." Absolutely a treasure to own! Also available here and here.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

DIY: Owl Pumpkin Planters

There are many fun tutorials online on how to carve halloween pumpkins. But, this owl pumpkin is really unique and a wonderful idea to add to your Halloween decor. The white owl pumpkin was inspired by the snowy owls who are unmistakably  majestic, so if spooky is not your first choice then you would love this elegant owl pumpkin as much as I do. To make it you'll need a few materials like white pumpkin, sharp knife, potting soil, two large sempervivum rosettes and evergreen cuttings. 

Stephanie of Garden Therapy has created other designs for Jack-o-Planterns. You can find the instructions with pictures for the owl and other planters on her blog here

Wallpaper by Ingela P Arrhenius


Swedish illustrator and designer Ingela P Arrhenius is known to create cheerful characters who exist in a world that's filled with bright colors and beautiful retro-themed patterns.

She has designed a collection of wallpaper for Photowall focusing to telling different stories with enchanting creatures. The wallpapers shown above are "In the forest", "Kitchen shelves" and "Forest" that come in different colors from here. These wallpapers are fit for a kid's or an adult's room, or even in a kitchen.

You can find other wonderful products by Ingela P Arrhenius blogged previously, here.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

C’est Chouette Owl Table Lamp by Quarch Atelier

Milan based design studio Quarch Atelier is a team of talented designers Simone Fumagalli and Marina Del Monaco who created "C’est Chouette owl table lamp" inspired by fairy tales. The owl sits inside the lamp globe as if it sits in a nest.

The hand-crafted lamp is made of white china that consists of two parts - the owl and the outer lamp. The lamp emits soft light when the owl part is sitting on the inner bulb, if you like bright light you can set the owl out next to the lamp. The fixture comes in fourteen color combinations including natural bisquit, half-glossy white frost, half-glossy earth grey, half-glossy sage, half-glossy lavender and glossy lavender. The lamp is delivered to you in hand-painted cardboard box. Can be ordered online from here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Owl Bird" Pots by Camilla Engdahl

Camilla Engdahl is a Sweden based designer and a ceramic artist who has been making utility ceramics since 1996. Camilla went to handcraft-school Capellagården and educated at the university HDK in Gothenburg. The retro-feel, bright colors and bold patterns in her work are inspired by old magazines and textiles from the 70s.

The series titled "birdpots" features pots with quirky shapes of birds. The pots come in three designs - owl, wingtail and eagle. The head and bottom both can be used to serve food. The owl is the largest of all. You can find the pots and more of Camilla's products on her website.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Printable Owl Note Cards

These adorable owl note cards are available for download in different colors and can even be personalized. To make the cards you'll need a few things such as card stock, a color printer, scissors, x-acto knife, embellishment brads and pen. These cute little things have some blank space to write a small note to someone special who will be as happy as these owls to receive them. To download them for free go here.

Joanna Allsop

Joanna Allsop is a watercolor artist based in the rural outskirts of Bristol, England. Her detailed and vivid painting are available in form of beautiful silk scarves to natural blend cushions. These nature inspired cushions will work as a perfect statement piece in a living room. The cushions are made with cotton and linen, finished with black piped edges and has a concealed zip for comfort.