Friday, June 10, 2016

Free Harry Potter and Hedwig the Owl Bookmarks

Today's freebie is a great find for Harry Potter's fans. While I was browsing online for bookmarks, I came across this website that's dedicated to all things Harry Potter. Yes, like how My Owl Barn is for all things owls :) 

These bookmarks with beautiful illustrations of Hedwig the owl and Harry Potter are available to download. You can print one (or more) for yourself to keep you organized while reading and don't forget to share with your friends by going to this link.

DIY Wood Slice Owl

This wood slice owl is a great project that can be made using natural and recycled materials. It's time that you bring out those lids and silverware to create something unique. The super easy and quick project needs a few things such as wood slice (salvaged or new, your choice), lids, caps, spoons, stain and a branch. This finished owl will make a charming rustic accent for your house. For the complete tutorial and materials go to House of Hawthornes.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Animal Totem Jewelry by Marine Mistake

French jewelry design studio Marine Mistake was founded by Marine in 2012. She first started to sell her jewelry at small art fairs and markets in Marseille, France, while she was still studying fine art and graphic design. Gradually the jewelry evolved into exquisite and unique pieces that now has become her signature style and her own personality asserts through in all her designs. 

She gets inspiration from her favorite animals, ethnic designs, and talisman jewelry. The brass gilded jewelry is delicately cut in many designs - owl, fox, bear and cat - come in silver and gold. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hoot Watches and Package Design


Hoot Watches is a Swiss company that manufactures affordable luxury time pieces inspired by owl and its nocturnal life. Notice the little owl at the end of the second hand. Keeping in mind the owl themed watch series they worked with the designer and illustrator Greg Coulton to design the packaging.

London based artist created stunning hand-drawn illustrations with intricate details and complex patterns. Each watch comes in an elegant box stamped with Hoot logo and a drawing of Great Horned Owl, Spotted Eagle Owl or Long Eared Owl. The owl illustrations in black on white sleek box makes the images pop out even more. This may be one of the very few products I have come across in a long time where not only the packaging is owl themed but the content is owl inspired as well. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

DIY Geometric Paper Sculptures by Paperwolf

Germany based paper artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer creates beautiful diy geometric animal sculptures that look like three dimensional computer models, which is intentional! He studied Computer Animation at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany. He loved creating virtual models but missed actually feeling his work with his hands. He found a program which let me transform his 3d models into papercrafts kits, that was the beginning of Paperwolf

Under the name Paperwolf he offers a range of paper trophies and full standalone animals that come as flat packed diy kit along with detailed instructions on how to fold and assemble. Get yourself an owl, a fish, unicorn or even an elephant to decorate with without harming a soul!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Life-Size Needle Felted Animals by Kiyoshi Mino


Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. To start this brand new week together here, I would like to share the incredible work by Kiyoshi Mino. He is an organic farmer who raises chickens, ducks, sheep, and cows on 14 acres in Chicago. 

What made him interested in needle felting? In 2011, he and his wife attended a course at a farmer training program in Massachusetts. It's amazing that someone who is this good had never tried or even had heard of needle felting prior to this class. He instantly fell in love with the technique. He now makes incredibly sculptures of owls, sparrow, chimpanzee, sheep and more. The artist begins each sculpture by building a wire form, then uses a barbed needle and merino wool to realistically depict three dimensional patterns of fur and feathers.

 “One thing I’m trying to convey is that animals aren’t that different from us. We’re just one species of many” - Kiyoshi Mino shares on Modern Farmer.

You can contact the artist if you would like him to create something for you. Visit the gallery on his website to view more of his wool sculptures.