Friday, September 2, 2011

Megan Brain: Totem

Paper sculptor Megan Brain is my new favorite artist who creates stunning images using layers of cut and folded paper. I am head over heels in love with this piece - "Northwest American India Totem" featuring owl and beaver in vibrant cut paper, sculpted in completely delightful way.

Thank you for joining me here everyday and for all your lovely emails. They mean the world to me. I hope you had a great time because I had a wonderful week with you all. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

DIY: Owl Pancake Dippers

Pancake on a stick? Yes, you can now enjoy owl pancakes on a stick! Jenni Price loves to create art with pancakes and her blog is filled with beautiful edible art pieces. I have never seen anything like this before but these owl pancakes sure look like something which will be a hit among both kids and adults. If you want to try these owl pancake pops then visit Jenni's store to buy her DIY tutorial (for $5 only!) which comes with step by step instructions and pictures to guide you through the process of making perfect owl pancake dippers.

Freebie: Owl Bookplates

Happy Friday! Today's freebie is these cute owl bookplates with scalloped border by LulaBird. Each sheet will print 8 bookplates, and you can print as many as you want for free! Click here to download.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anthropologie + Nathalie Lete

Have you seen the new collection of plates by Nathalie Lete at Anthropologie? This plate with the pipe smoking owl stands out in the lot of all the gorgeous plates. I guess, it's mainly because of the owl's attitude. 

David Fussenegger - White Owl Throw Blanket

David Fussenegger is a known brand of Austria that offers luxurious and beautiful range of textile including blankets, pillows and more. This gorgeous, snuggly blanket features owls, mushrooms, love hearts and pears on a white background. If you don't like light colors then you can reverse the blanket for more vibrant color palette. It measures 140cm x 200cm which makes it a perfect size to cuddle with on a couch or a chair. Available here.

Tiny Fawn

These lovely animals prints are by Darrah Gooden of Tiny Fawn created from her original paper collages. I like how these textured prints give the feel and look of an original piece. Stop by her store for birds and animals prints such as owl, raccoon, moose, bear etc.

Rango: Mariachi Owls

These little Mariachi owls play a vital role of band members in the animated film Rango. They were spotted touring the London streets to celebrate the movie release on DVD. I love these pictures particularly the one where all the owls are waiting in a line for the bus!

I had never seen mariachi owl before but after watching the movie's trailer this pack sure does look fun! See for yourself in the video below.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animal Matchboxes: Cruz Novillo + Olmos

I am loving these adorable matchbox covers designed by Cruz Novillo + Olmos. The matchboxes features an illustration of an animal starting with the same letter of the alphabet. My favorite is Buho the blue owl and the hippo. Do you have a favorite?

{images via}

Birds in a Bunny Suit

Birds in a Bunny Suit is an Auckland based art and design label started by Bayley Collins in 2009 with "a small collage of an owl with a rabbit’s body" which also gave them their business name. Her unique cards and prints are usually based on one animal or idea and are inspired by a collection of found objects. 

She offers worldwide shipping if you are looking for something specific or you can check out these online stores for her products.

Tasha Whittle

Tasha Whittle is an artist, illustrator and animator based in Maschester, UK. She loves to draw animals and birds on various surfaces such as walls, clothing and records. She made this biscuit barrel, she calls it "Owl Biccy Barrell". I absloutely adore the illustration of the sleeping owl on one side and awake owl on the other side of the container. You must stop by her website to view more of her amazing illustrations.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rural Pearl






Angie Pickman is a cut-paper artist from Kansas who creates these intricate and detailed silhouette style images from a single sheet of black paper. Her every piece is handmade using x-acto knife, no lasers or dies which makes each piece unique. 

Her work mostly include buildings, natural scenes, birds and owls! You can buy originals on her website or prints from her online store Rural Pearl.

Peter Alexander: Hot Mini Water Bottle


I spotted these new mini hot water bottles by Peter Alexander on this website and dashed straight to their online store to find out more. These cuties are available in seven adorable designs including owl and lamb, and at $25 each you'd want to collect them all. These are sweet and ideal gift to buy for yourself that'll keep you warm during the chilly winters and for your loved ones.

Collection: O is for Owl

Collage by A Bermejo

Green Tiger Illustrated ABC by Jill Casey

Alphabet O by Jan Brett

Linocut from Enid Marx

Limited Edition screen print by Alice Melvin

"A B C", Whitman Big Tell-A-Tale found via

A Little Golden Book ABC Cornelius DeWitt from Strawberry Lemonade

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tania Sanhueza



"Mini & Small Snowy Owl" by Toronto based soft sculpture artist Tania Sanhueza. She made these owls for Narwhal's exhibition The Unicorn, A Gathering of Magic using polyester, wool, cotton, cotton stuffing, and wire. The small owl is 4" tall and the big owl stands 6″ tall, starting at $120.