Friday, August 21, 2015

A Vintage Owl Themed Wedding

The Bride Heather Johnson and the groom Michael Murry had this gorgeous wedding in Lubbock, TX. The bride who loves owls and vintage style mixed in the fun yellow, white and aqua color scheme which added elegance and style to the their wedding. 

The whimsical ceramic owl figurine and cookie jars with antique typewriter where perfect for the vintage theme of the wedding. 

The chalkboard sign listed the attendants’ names featuring two adorable owls drawing replaced the traditional programs.

The custom made soft plushie owl cake toppers looked absolutely lovely on a simple four tiered yellow cake. 

The owl and music note shaped lollipops went home with the guests in glass jars.

The invitation that was designed by a friend in a music poster style. The ring pillow handmade by the groom's mother with owl print fabric and embroidered heart around the date of the wedding July 31. The bride's jeweled bouquet was made from groom’s first watch, brooches from five generations of his family and an owl ring.

You can see more pictures of the wedding on The

Thursday, August 20, 2015

10 Beautiful Owl Tattoos

owl tattoo#1

owl tattoo#2

owl tattoo#3

owl tattoo#4

owl tattoo#5

owl tattoo#6

owl tattoo#7

owl tattoo#8

owl tattoo#9

owl tattoo#10

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tribal Inspired Perler Beads Art

A few days ago, I featured some amazing perler beads artwork here. An evening spent with my niece, who has lately took up to making jewelry using perler beads, is what led me to searching more on this craft. Inspired by her, I began searching for the perler beads creations in the owl world. Here are some more wonderful tribal inspired perler beads art that I discovered from here, and love because of the colors, design, style and geometric patterns. 

This fantastic craft is not only for kids but also for adults! Why not try making one yourself, there are many patterns shared by generous crafters and fellow bloggers. To start, you can pick the one you like from here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Handcarved Menagerie of Armchairs

These stunning handcarved menagerie of wood dining chairs are by Anthropologie. The wildlife inspired armchairs come in four beautiful designs including owl, deer, rabbit and woodpecker. Each chair is individually handcarved out of sheesham wood which takes about fourteen days to finish one chair. These chairs don't come cheap, starting at $898 a piece!

3D Wood Lettering and Origami Animals

Cologne Ehrenfeld based couple Elisabeth Rosenkranz and Andreas Burgmann have so far collected 1000 words and sayings, some of them “as delicate as the wing of a butterfly” and turned them into inspirational art.

"Words have always fascinated us. I read a lot and am always amazed by the effect that words have: In my mind an image, color or even a smell arises - and this impression is sometimes much stronger than it could produce an image. It was only natural to give the words a place on the wall: For us it is a word that hangs on the wall, a picture."

Besides typography they also make 3D jewelry and origami animals like owl, stag, elephant etc. that will make great decoration for a desk or book shelf. There are numerous designs that come in many color options on their website and on etsy.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Whimsical Sculptures by Molly Miller

Molly Miller is an artist from Salt Lake City who makes one-of-a-kind sculptures. Her work is exquisite, beautiful and has fairy-tale like elements. She uses paper mache, paper, polymer clay, wood, fabric, and small odds and ends of all kinds to make her sculptures. She re-uses and re-purposes items in her pieces that otherwise would have landed in trash. She calls it " a happy benefit of this creative process."  Her creations are highly detailed depicting animals with distinctive personalities such as Oliver the book loving owl with beautiful eyes peeking through glasses made from coke bottle. These are perfect heirloom creations that can be treasured for many years to come.

"Her art  inspired and soothed the young , while enabling the older crowd to reach back into the remnants of their pasts and resurrect those childhood conjuring's long forgotten. Was she magic ??  No. She simply knew the power of our imaginations and  was determined to harness the fantastic to create talismans that would always awaken the innocent wonder in all of us." from her website.

You can visit her website Swanky Egg to view more of her wonderful things including faux taxidermy, mobiles, sculptures and jaw-droppingly, gorgeous canopies.