Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine's Day Cards 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Air Rifle BB Taxidermy by Courtney Timmermans

Courtney Timmermans is a 3D artist from Chicago who creates amazing taxidermy heads of wildlife animals using thousands of air rifle ball bearings. The above shown sculptures are from her series titled Urban Herd. You can view more of her work on Jean Albano Gallery, here.

DIY: Owl Hook

Give a makeover to a plain hook in your little ones bathroom or in the kitchen with this wonderful tutorial. It's an easy project with which you can create an adorable owl hook to match with your decor. You don't need too many things to get the results.

Materials required for the project:
straw for shaping eyes
polymer clay
wax paper (optional)

Free Customizable Valentine's Day Cards

These cute valentine's day cards featuring owl, deer, bunny and bee can be downloaded from here for free. Don't like pink? No problem. You can customize each card with your choice of background color from 21 choices! The cards read the sweet words like: “will you bee my valentine?”, “you’re my deer friend”, “owl always be your friend” and “you’re some bunny special.” Each print out will give you four cards so print as many as you like.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Origami by Roman Diaz

I love these 3D origami models by Roman Diaz a paper artist based in Uruguay. He has folded all sorts of objects from telephones to staplers, animals, birds, unicorns, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Take a peek at his work on Flickr where he has shared over hundred images of his models.

"Owl Always Love You" Cake Pops

Like many of you, cake pops is one of my all time favorite treats. No surprise that they have gained popularity at parties - they are fun to make, easy to eat and they look super cute! Perfect from kids birthdays, weddings to valentine's day. With this tutorial you can make as many as pops you want for someone special in your life this valentine's day. Personally, I'll choose owl pops over flowers any day. And you?

Also check out this tutorial for another sweet Valentine Owl Pops recipe.

Printable Valentine Activity pack

You can download the Valentine Activity Pack for kids with total of 56 pages of fun! There are math activities, coloring pages, printable valentine cards, writing activities, crafts, a banner and so much more. You can print the entire pack or choose what you want. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Owl Pitcher by Eileen De Rosas

Elieen de Rosas is a ceramic artist from Boston who makes functional pottery adorned with designs inspired by imagery found in nature and man-made world. Her pieces is a beautiful combination of pottery and painting. "Form and decoration, the practical and the whimsical work together in my pieces to create engaging and lighthearted works of art for the home."

Her one of a kind ceramics are hand sculpted which are then come to life by her gorgeous drawing of owl, bird, cow, gold fish and floral designs using ceramic colors.You can find her work available for purchase here.

Free Valentine Owl Prints

Brandy Jones designed these owl prints which can be downloaded from her blog here. There are seven (generous!) adorable owl designs that you can print for free! Each print is 8x10 which makes it an ideal size to frame and decorate with!

Owl Valentine Mailbox

I came across this wonderful tutorial by Celebration Shoppe for making your own owl valentine box. It's a simple and a cute idea that your little ones will love to make and use to collect their valentine notes!

Things that you'll need:
tissue box
scrapbook paper
adhesive dots
1″ circle punch
2″ circle punch
fringe scissors

Monday, January 20, 2014

ROA Street Art

ROA is one of my favorite street artists (previously here) who makes these giant spray painted black and white murals depicting animals and birds. The above shown are some of his new pieces painted on the walls in Portugal, Austria, Canada, U.K. and the U.S. 

The large scale paintings have an equally large message for an unkind human race with whom they have to co-exist on the planet. “I wanted to draw attention to how they and many other species become a victim of hunting and pollution,” by painting the piece of a narwhal caught in a fishing line.