Friday, August 12, 2016

DIY Paper Masks For Grown-Ups

Krzysztof Smaga from Warsaw, Poland is a designer who creates these stunning animal diy masks with the help of his wife. The masks are fun to make, easy to customize using colored paper of your choice. You can create something creative in your spare time that can be worn as a statement piece at your next costume party, for halloween and will make a great prop for a photo booth. Masks are designed to fit average adult head. The diy kit comes with patterns and instructions for printing and assembling mask. 

Printable Owl Recipe Card

Today's freebie is this adorable recipe card featuring owl as a chef who will wisely guard your favorite recipes. They are perfect to keep all your recipes organized so it's easy to find what you want. You can download the owl card and write down a recipe for your friend who is fond of your apple pie without worrying about it getting lost in an email or on a piece of paper. You can print as many as owl recipe cards as you want from here for free!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tile and Porcelain Stickers by Nuukk

Nuukk is a Berlin based brand founded in 2010 by Andrea who is the illustrator and artist of all the lovely things found on the website. The brand specializes in decals and porcelain stickers. The inspiration behind the sweet products is the artist's focus on producing things that make everyday life sweet. The wall and tile decals are a perfect solution for someone who lives in a rented house. The stickers can be applied to tiles, walls, doors, metal, plastic, appliances, furniture, and more surfaces. It's easy to clean them, remove and reuse.

I adore the idea of upcycling your favorite vintage porcelain item with porcelain stickers and give it a fresh new look. Also, you can create custom ceramic piece for yourself or to give it as a gift to a friend. So, the next time you come across a platter at a flea market you fall in love with for it's shape you know how can you quickly transform it to go with the rest of your collection.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ceramic Animals Less Than Two Inches Tall by Small Wild

Danielle Pedersen of her new brand 'Small Wild' makes miniature ceramic animal totem and jewelry that are hand-painted in intricate patterns and gold. Her animals that are mostly less than 2 inches tall are created in her little studio in San Diego, California. She generally starts each piece by drawing a mock up after carefully observing the animal's behavior she wishes to make. After molding the animal shape in clay, she brings the animal to life by painting their legs, feathers, furs and facial features. 

"There is something satisfying about holding a piece of clay or stone or cloth that has been crafted into something beautiful by a pair of human hands. To hold that kind of object and examine the craft and care that went into it is to experience a connection to another person through their work." 

She makes all sorts of adorable animals with insane detail such as camels strapped with fabric rolled up on their back, alpacas with pom-poms and bull sporting a nose ring. Her shop gets updated with new critters every Sunday at 11:00 am MST. If you would like to own one of her animals then you might want to set an alarm because they are sold fast! In the meanwhile, you can swoon over her work by visiting Instagram.

She was formerly selling her ceramic animal sculptures under the brand name Handy Maiden.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bird Paintings Frank Gonzales

Frank Gonzales was born in Tempe, Arizona where for four years he trained under master painter Jim Garrison. Gonzales for his wonderful talent got rewarded with a scholarship by the Laguna College of Art and Design. The series of acrylic paintings of owls and birds perched on plants and crystalline formations are reminiscent of Audubon's style, but his signature bold and colorful drips of paints make his work unique.

Frank shares about his work, "My work is about taking forms in nature and making them my own. What I do is nothing new, but by using the language of color, composition, fragmentation, and representation my aim is to speak about these known elements and present them from a different perspective."

His original paintings and art prints are available through galleries listed on this link. You can follow him on Instagram where he shares behind the scenes pictures of his work and updates his new creative projects.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Surreal Animal Sculptures From "Dreams" by Wang Ruilin

Beijing based artist Wang Ruilin creates surreal animal sculptures. The animal that seem real but certainly do not act like animals. They carry mountains, oceans, cliffs and other miniature worlds we live in on their backs and antlers. The copper sculptures are inspired by Eastern classical painting that’s been combined with past experiences and  interpretations of the artist's dreams. His amazing journey as an artist began when he was 4 or 5 years old and got obsessed with a painting of a horse by the artist Xu Beihong.

‘I seek harmony with nature’, Ruilin on his work ‘nature’s greatness lies in her inclusion of everything on earth, while man’s greatness lies in his perception of his own smallness. to find conformity to nature is my life attitude’. (via

The shown pieces are from his on going series titled "Dreams" that were exhibited at the ART Beijing. To view more of his work go to website and Behance.