Thursday, October 31, 2019

Automaton Sculptures Depicting Animals and Ghosts by Jamie Winn

Jamie Winn is a New Orleans artist who specializing in eerie automaton art often done on wood using watercolors.

She got intrigued by the automaton when see saw it for the first time on TV when she was only a little girl. Ghost Light Gallery was started by the artist to showcase her creations with an objective of leaving viewer in a complete awe.

Her kinetic sculptures depict nighttime animals and ghosts, and have a vintage quality to them. The pieces are constructed to mimic moments of a human and an animal, from the ways the joints move to their walking style. Her work is inspired by the animals, she would spend time observing them in their natural environment and try to recreate that inside a wooden box.

Each illustration is sketched onto wood, cut and hand-sanded before they are attached to gears and pulleys. Once the movement is perfected the details are painted. You can watch her pieces in action in the brief videos posted above. To see her available artwork for purchase visit her online store.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Vintage Rusty Objects Turned Into Retro Robots and Steampunk Critters

Robin Davis started her professional career in children's illustration but now is dedicated full-time to making 3d sculptures. Her journey in building robots was influenced by her three year old son Connor's doodle. She creates retro robots and steampunk critters using rustic found objects. She uses antique parts, aged tins, reclaimed wood, recycled paper, glass, leather, vintage objects from her collection and from friends.

“I’m in creative heaven. For years, my sketchbooks were filled with dreamt-up vintage styled robots, birds wearing funky steam-punk top hats, and old world characters. It is here and now, as I make them come to life in my “laboratory,” that I feel most awake as an artist and creator.” via

She has won People’s Choice Award at Bronte’s Art in the Park in Oakville for her work. She will be participating at The Handmade Market, Scotiabank Convention Centre from Nov. 22 through 24. If you are in the area then you can see her creation in person. For originals, pillows, jewelry and other products visit her online store.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Enter The Eerie World Created by Mothmeister

These eerie pictures are a work of anonymous Belgium-based duo aka Mothmeister who give a peek into a surreal world as a reaction against today's selfie culture and beauty standards marketed by mass media. 

Ever since they were kids they have been fascinated by legends and fairy tales. They are avid collectors of masks, taxidermy and costumes. Over 25 years of collection and the characters from their imagination brought the "Wounderland" to fruition. 

The talented artists and passionate taxidermy collectors travel through the world taking photos of creepy masked creatures accompanied by an animal at locations that will make hair on your arms stand. 

They have worked in collaboration with international artists including French headpiece designer Candice Angelini, Russian fashion designer Polina Yakobson, the UK-based taxidermist Adele Morse, and textile and mixed media artist Annie Montgomerie. 

Their work has amassed over 200K followers on Instagram. You can find art prints, postcards and recently released book with 272 pages of fascinating pictures in their online store.