Friday, June 13, 2014

Korean Illustrator - Cho, Eun-Hye

I shall wrap up this week with these delightful illustrations by a Korean illustrator Cho, Eun-Hye. I love the simplicity of designs, riches of colors and textures in the artist's work. 

I am afraid I couldn't find any more information on the artist even on the artist's website - The Color Park which is in Korean and didn't translate very well into English using Google Translator. But I found another website called which you must visit to view more work by the artist's wonderful artwork. I promise you'll enjoy very piece on the page.

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be back on Monday. 

DIY: Father's Day Card

Here's a simply DIY handmade hand print father's day card that will make a keepsake for sure. Making this card is not at all difficult and takes very little time. So, why not try making it this weekend with your little one for the dad. You can find the clear to follow instructions and the list of things needed for the project here.

Free Father's Day Gift Tags

Our today's freebie is this set of four gift tags featuring gorgeous owl illustrations shared by Maria Merlino. You can download the vintage owl gift tags from here for free. Just print, cut, punch a hole and add a thread to use them to decorate this father's day gift or send them to someone who loves owls.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Roadsworth Turns Streets Into His Canvas

Roadsworth also known as Peter Gibson is not ordinary street artist born and raised in Toronto. He chose the name Roadsworth because, as he states, "Where Wordsworth is a poet of words, Roadsworth is a poet of roads."

He started to paint streets in the city of Montreal in 2001 to motivate the city to make more bike lanes. What began as a project continues to this day as his form of expression. His creative street art often has a message related to current social issues or as he says, "simply protest against the mundaneness of the urban landscape."

"As my personal artistic process evolved, political concerns were eclipsed by artistic ones and I often felt more inspired by the process than I did by the message I was trying to convey. Marshall Mcluhan’s famous quote 'the medium is the message' is significant in this regard. The ubiquitousness of the asphalt road and the utilitarian sterility of the 'language' of road markings provided fertile ground for a form of subversion that I found irresistible. I was provoked by a desire to jolt the driver from his impassive and linear gaze and give the more slow-moving pedestrian pause for reflection. The humourlessness of the language of the road not to mention what I consider an absurd reverence for the road and 'car culture' in general made for an easy form of satire."

The artist has been modifying the streets, side walks, parking lots and other surfaces with spray paint and handmade stencils. He uses asphalt surfaces as his canvas, for example he painted a crosswalk in such a clever way that it became a huge boot print. He also makes use of city lamp shadows in his pieces creating an illusion of an owl perched on a branch of a tree, a pair of shoes dangling from a wire, tigers are painted onto the projected shadow mimicking the idea of captivating the wild animals.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Espana Bocca Earthenware Collection

Espana Bocca Figural Owl salad plate, mug, salt and pepper shakers set are functional for everyday use and to add a little more color to your day.

Espana Bocca Cow collection offers cow shaped dishes embellished with bright and bold floral patterns that'll look great on a farm style table.

Espana Bocca Geo Fish is the most adorable of the all three (I know, I not suppose to say that). The cute fish shaped bowls, platter, salt and pepper shakers set in blue, red and green are perfect to pull out for a summer party under the stars. All the sets are available here.

Video: Northern White-faced Owl Assists Illustrator Using Tablet

Do you remember seeing a video that you think was strangely fascinating? Well, this is one of those videos for me. While browsing through, I came across this post where a Northern white-faced owl is perched on the hand of a Japanese illustrator - Satsuma while he works on his tablet. What makes this video really funny is the stabilization of the owl's head and eyes the whole time. One question: what's keeping the owl so interested that he stays put.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hubcap Creatures




More Detail

King Cobra

Hi friends! I had this post prepared for yesterday but at the last moment my internet just stopped working right before I could publish it. I present you a very talented artist who has become my favorite artist because of his skills and medium of his work.

Ptolemy Elrington is a sculptor who currently lives and works in Brighton. In mid 80s he studied art and design to degree level at Bradford and Illkley Community College. He worked to theater set design and construction, stage design and construction, assorted large scale community art sculptural projects.

He started collecting hubcaps in 1997 to make these incredible metal sculptures with such intricacy that you can hardly tell what materials went into making them. His animals are much in demand among art and animal lovers. His pieces are inspired by natural forms using found and recycled materials like shopping trolleys, scrap metal and car wheel trims which he bends by hand shapes into various forms to make a shape of an owl, an eagle, a king cobra snake etc.

“There’s an inherent message in my work relating to recycling and the nature of value, but my artistic inspiration is fired by the qualities within the raw materials… I come across many things which have been abandoned and find something more in them than their intrinsic worthlessness.” – Ptolemy Elrington shares about his Hubcap Creatures.

Sloan Viperfish

Baby Armadillo