Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Artist Fuses Scrap Booking and Textile Art To Create Beautiful Memory Books

Kim Burton is a textile artist from Portsmouth, UK. After she studied Illustration at Kingston University she taught textile at a secondary school. She uses a combination of scrap booking and textile arts to create amazing fabric books and other projects highly illustrative in nature, she has named this technique Stitchbooking. Making use of photo transfer paper she transfers photographs onto fabric and sews them to create memory books.

She uses song lyrics, quotations and text in most of her fabric artwork. She has stitched a Jane Austen series with 24 illustrations that are entirely stitched by hand. To create a piece she uses layers of fabrics and hand stitches them together to bring texture to her work. To finish, she adds hand drawn details and embellishes with found objects such as feathers and beads that result into a unique mixed media illustrations and fabric books.

Her first book "Into the Woods" was born out of her love for the children she was teaching while traveling to America. She came up with an idea of a memory stitch book for the kids who needed help learning. This encouraged her to explore more in the area, and when she returned to England she spent a whole year to stitch the book Into the Woods. When it was received with a great enthusiasm on a social media website she decided to get it turned into a book.

Kim offers basic tutorial on her website for the beginners and workshops that range from a couple of hours to a day. 


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Incredible work!!
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