Friday, March 25, 2016

Pencil Top Drawings by Christian Watson

Christian Watson is a man of many talents - a designer, an illustrator and the owner of 1924us. 1924us, an Instagram account, is an on going tale of his journey through the medium of pictures taken on his travels across the country. He shares his collection of vintage cameras and a series of tiny pencil drawings. These micro illustrations of owls, birds, lighthouses, bear, foxes, camping tent are influenced by his adventurous travels. The drawings are usually less than a half an inch tall, sometimes seems to be sitting on the top of his pencils and sometimes find a spot on his fingers. Take a moment to peek into his world on Instagram.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kids Leggings by Kim Durocher

Kim Durocher is a visual artist and an illustrator from Quebec, Canada. She gained a BA degree in Visual Arts from Concordia University, majoring in Studio Art in 2006. She has an online store by the name of AtelierKimD where she sells a range of products from t-shirts, scarves, stationery, one-of-a kind growth charts and more based on her original illustrations. 

I adore the range of leggings for kids that come in variety of designs including owls, prince, rose, superhero etc. The leggings fit 6 months to 4 years, printed with eco-friendly water based dyes that are safe for the kids and the environment.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Package Design: Awake Energy Granola

Remember this post on Awake Caffeinated Chocolate I did a while ago. Now the brand has launched Awake Energy Granola that promises the caffeine that you need to wake you up plus a boost of vitamins so you can keep going the whole day. Awake Granola is designed by Tether Inc. a design company founded by Stanley Hainsworth. The bar claims to be a smart snack and to deliver the message the brand chose the spokes owl Nevil. 

“AWAKE Energy Granola marks the first major extension for this brand, which won tired hearts across North America with its caffeinated chocolate bars. Aimed mostly at college students and millennials, the brand rests on a promise of ‘functional snacks’ delivered with the help of its charming spokes owl, Nevil.”

"For the granola offering, AWAKE added a whack of B vitamins and tweaked the storytelling just a skosh. Visually, the brand stays true to its nature with expressive lettering, quirky illustration, and atypical layouts. The granola veers off with even fresher color palettes and copy that puts more emphasis more outdoorsy and active use cases. But of course, the heart of the brand—Nevil the Owl—stays in the spotlight with his witty and wise messages of getting the most out of life.” - via.

The bar comes in four flavors- coconut apricot, cinnamon bun, dark chocolate caramel and dark chocolate peanut butter. Each flavor in its own color coordinated box featuring an owl graphic and hand drawn font in an exciting, bright color palette. 

Paperchase - Animal Gang

Paperchase Spring 2015 new arrival 'Animal Gang' collection is full of fun characters and fresh design. The owl, lion, fox, rabbit and other sleeping animals in geometric shapes are sure to cheer up anyone. The animal motifs on a blue backdrop is available on notebook, eraser, sticky notes, pen pots, writing set, pencil cases and mechanical pen. The products shown above from the range and more are available online

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

iPhone Cases For Animal Lovers

Scott Partridge is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Charlotte, NC. I recently discovered his delightful illustration of owls, birds and other creatures of the animal kingdom. The artist uses computer software to form his subjects with a mix of geometric and organic shapes. He talks about the influences: "My style is influenced by modernism – Charles Harper in particular – but also surrealist painters like Miro and early naturalists like Audubon. I often employ a variety of textures from photos and scans, filling my stylized shapes with surfaces from the physical world, and this adds an additional layer of interest. I’m continuously trying to learn how to make more engaging images."

His illustrations look really cool on iPhone cases! The cases shown above and more can be found on Redbubble.

Linen and Felted Wool Owl Chair

I am swooning over these gorgeous 'Treescape Dorrance' owl chair by Anthropologie. The chair is made of mango wood in natural finish and textured linen seat. A snowy owl perched on a branch is made in felted wool creating a cozy and inviting spot to enjoy at any time.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Incredible Tasmanian Masked Owl Cake

Rhiannon is a self-taught cake decorator who graduated in Zoology and is fiercely passionate about wildlife conservation. She made this stunning Tasmanian Masked Owl cake for an art project called Losing Altitude on deviantART. The collaborated project between 50 artists celebrates the beauty of, and raising awareness about the plight of, endangered birds. 

The cake is a masterpiece full of intricate and mind-boggling detail. The cake is built in two pieces, the base and the body. The wire structure is attached to the rice crispy base on which the owl is shaped using chocolate cake, and then smothered in whipped chocolate ganache. The hundreds of feathers are individually handcut, embossed, hand painted and attached to the cake. The colors and the texture is amazing. Truly a wonderfully executed cake.

She has written an informative post on her blog about these amazing creatures and what can we do to save these endangered species. Take a look!