Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pixelated Animal Paintings on Birch Wood by The Obanoth


Hannah Webb also known as The Obanoth is a painter, an illustrator and a doodler living in Los Angeles. She has always been interested in art since she was a young girl, later she earned a degree in arts and became a full-time artist.

She creates paintings of animals on various shaped birch wood panels and cutting boards. Her work is a self-expression often inspired by something she finds funny, silly or clever. The geometric shapes and vibrant colors in her work have become her signature style. Her paintings have small square paint strokes that give her paintings a pixelated look.

She has exhibited her work in number of shows in the past including Designer Con, CA and Comic Con, CA. Her art will be shown at the upcoming event at Coaster Show at Gallery 30, Pasadena, CA on October 5, 2019. You can visit her online store for embroidered patches, prints, enamel pins and originals.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mixed Media Artist: Judy Paul

Judy Paul is an artist and a graphic designer based in Austin, Texas. She has earned a degree in graphic design and has an experience of over 20 years as an artist. She creates mixed media paintings  on wooden panels with a combination of acrylic paint, collage, pencil and screen printing. Her owls, birds, and landscapes are filled with vibrant colors and are rich in textures. There are drips, dots, and strokes in her work along with other interesting patterns. On examining closely one can see small paper cut outs collected from diagrams, envelopes, and books that make the background much more interesting. 

You can find prints of her original work available for purchase here. To know about her upcoming shows, join her on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Artist Combines Her Love For Art and Wildlife In Her Paintings


Vanessa Foley is an artist based in Newcastle, England. She specializes in creating surreal oil paintings and detailed pencil sketches of birds. She combines her love for nature and art in her paintings, an on-going series inspired by British wildlife. Vanessa spends hours collecting reference and observing the birds in the wild, also carefully watching their moments on youtube.

"I am a great lover of wildlife, and although I have occasionally worked on other subjects I always return to the natural world and in particular, birds. I’m not sure what it is about birds that hold such a fascination for me, I think initially it was the fact that they were easily observable in the wild so I was able to draw from life. But the more I looked the more I absolutely fell in love with them..." - via.

In the beginning of her career she would exhibit in small solo shows, public libraries and waiting areas of local businesses and now has progressed to exhibiting in the Heaton Art Festival and galleries in UK and US. To see more work from her, you can follow her on Instagram.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Tea Towels, Notebooks and Mugs With Illustrations by Angela Harding



Angela Harding is an artist and an illustrator who has been living and working in Rutland, UK since 1988. She studied Fine Art at Leicester Polytechnic and printmaking at Nottingham Trent University. Angela was interested in drawing birds since her college days, whenever she came across a road kill on her way to college she would take it with her and spend hours drawing them. Her fondness of birds grew over the years, she takes trips to Norfolk, Suffolk and Cornwall with a sketchbook to record the birds in their natural habitat.

Her studio overlooks fields surrounded by sloping hills and visited by a huge variety of birds. The wealth of birds and animals inhabiting the Rutland contryside is a great source of inspiration for her work.

She has created illustrations for Gardens Illustrated, BBC Countryfile and Country Living Magazine. She has designed greeting cards and notecards for Art Angel Publishing. There are number of galleries that carry her paintings and limited edition prints, you can find the complete list here. You can find her artwork on notebooks, tea towels, ceramic mugs, pencil cases, tote bags, cards and fine paper goods on her website.