Friday, December 20, 2019

Sarah Whittle Draws One Bird a Day for the Advent Calendar 2019

Every year I eagerly wait for the month of December not only because it's the most beautiful time of year but also because of the creativity that takes over the internet. Many artists give themselves an advent calendar challenge to create a piece on a specific theme each day counting down to the Christmas Day. 

The above shown illustrations are by Sarah Whittle a freelance illustrator based in Penzance, Cornwall. She joined the Instagram advent calendar challenge "decembird" to draw a bird each day till the 25th. I love the series featuring owl, swans, goose, rooster, bullfinch and woodpecker in festive color palette. The owl making snow angels, goose singing the carols, woodpecker ice skating, and magpies opening gifts each illustration takes you one day closer to the Christmas day.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Artist Embroiders Anthropomorphic Characters into Hoop Art


Andreia is the designer and embroider behind all the gorgeous art at Black Cat Creative Studio. She has always been passionate about creating things using needle and thread with immense detail. She was only four years old when she started to learn embroidery from her mother and has been honing her skills ever since.

She creates stunning pieces of embroidered hoop art inspired by flora, fauna and botanical patterns. The anthropomorphic owl, cat and fox seem be playing a role in a movie as "The Astrophysicist", "The Physician", and "The Guardian of the Key". She starts a piece by hand-painting cotton surface and embroiders intricate designs in vibrant color scheme. She adds a unique touch to each piece by wrapping the hoop with ribbons of paper or velvet, decorating the edges with paper stars, and gold and copper dust.

You can find her embroidered hoop art in her online store Black Cat Creative Studio.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Needle Felted and Soft Sculptures by Jennifer Cruz


Jennifer Cruz is a textile artist based in UK who makes amazing 3D sculptures. She works with several mediums including clay, textile and needle felting but it's the three dimensional sculptures that she enjoys creating the most, she calls it her "thing". She combines her expertise with her love for animals and birds to create unique collection of sculptures.

To construct the sculptures she uses recycled fabric, ethically sourced wool, beads, glass, vintage jewelry, and hand paints them with acrylic and pastel. It takes her several hours and lots of patience to add detail to each piece which brings them to life. For example: the barn owl shown above is made on a wire form which is then covered with layers of linen to add wings and hand stitched to attach them to the body.

The one-of-a-kind pieces plus mobiles and wedding cake toppers are available in her store Waggle Dance.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Incredibly Detailed Pastel Paintings by Emily Rose

Emily Rose is a young self-taught pastel artist living on the North Norfolk coastline. She specializes in wildlife portraits, drawing animals and birds in pastel pencils from her garden studio. Her career as an artist started when she received a request to draw a pet portrait. Since then she has worked on many pet commissions and has participated in several wildlife exhibitions.

Her work is primarily inspired by British wildlife which is in abundance where she lives. She aims at capturing the moment, character and the atmosphere of her subject in highly detailed style.

For limited edition art prints and greeting cards based on her original paintings go to her online store.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Stunning Handcrafted Owl Rings by Various Artists on Etsy

Sara Vajda of Sikra Jewelry

I complied this list with few of my favorite owl rings. If you still have someone special left on your list you haven't found a gift for then you might find something here. The rings are all handcrafted by artists from all over the world. I have included from statement pieces to delicate, to unique pieces each one will be make a great heirloom jewelry article. Pick one for yourself or for a friend who loves to wear one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.