Friday, April 10, 2015

Christopher Durant: Moleskin Drawings

Christopher Durant is a pencil artist from England. He has been passionate about art all his life and expresses himself through his drawings. He draws unbelievably detailed and realistic drawings in his sketch book, some of them seem to be able to crawl out of the pages of the book. Look at that spider! His drawings are mainly, but not limited to, inspired by owls, wildlife, birds and buildings.

He was honored for his work as the Artist of the Month in Artists Culture Magazine, and his work has been published in Artists Culture Magazine, Colored Pencil Magazine Student Edition, Creative Sugar Magazine, InPrint Magazine and UKCPS Magazine. 

You can join him on Facebook where he has a huge fan following of his work and where he updates about his new work.

I hope you enjoyed your week with the daily owlsome posts here. I wish you a lovely weekend. I'll see you back on Monday!

DIY: 'Far Out Owl' Plush

Denise Ferragamo is a soft sculpture maker and an artist from Silver City, New Mexico. She shared this wonderful tutorial on how to make your owl plush, she calls it a 'Far Out Owl', which comes with a printable template. For this easy project all you need is some cotton quilting fabric, embroidery floss, a needle & thread, felt and fleece. Denise has explained the steps for making the owl with clear and detailed instructions on her blog. I especially like the colors and his point ears! The owl plush will make a great accessory to add a little quirkiness in your living room or in a kid's room.

To download the template and for the complete tutorial go here. Happy crafting!

Printable Thank You Papers

There is no special occasion to send a thank you note to show your gratitude towards someone who has shown kindness and generosity towards you. Here are some really adorable printables by 'Little Musings' that are ready to be sent out. Just download, print and personalize by a hand-written note. 

Go to the link given above to print as many as thank you notes you want and also share them with your friends.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Katie Green

Dreamer's Light 


A Star Was Born






I am enamored with the amazing work by Katie Green, a visual artist who graduated from the University of Calgary's in BFA program. Her work has spirituality, nature, balance, and the connection between human and animal as a central element. Katie's work is mainly focuses on growth, death, adaptation, cooperation, and our physical and emotional connection with nature. She beautifully depicts her concepts using flora and fauna as her primary subject matters. She hopes that her work can play a role of a catalyst in building a stronger connection of humans with nature, and with themselves. 

Her paintings are filled with complex details "make you question our 'superiority', our need to harm in order to progress, and to garner the power to overcome the need for ultimate self gain."

Katie's work has been exhibited in galleries such as Contemporary Calgary (formerly the Museum of Contemporary Art) and The Nickle. She has worked internationally in Nepal, India, Florida and Sri Lanka, and in collaboration with a number of collectives, non-profit organizations and communities. She has a facebook page where you can view more of her work she has done in the past.

Angry Owl Skeleton Candle


This is a super cool owl candle I have seen in a very long time. Robert Scott of Skeleton Candles created the "Angry Owl" candle with an embedded metal aluminium skeleton which slowly appears as the candle burns. Each candle will burn for around 30 hrs and comes in pink, green, purple, blue, orange colors. 

Robert shares his inspiration behind the owl candle: "I've always been fascinated by owls and culture behind them. Throughout history and across many cultures, people have regarded owls with fascination and awe. 

Well, I thought a candle would be perfect fit for all the fascination behind them. This particular owl will be feared and venerated. This particular look will be despised and admired and can be considered wise and foolish."

He has launched a campaign with Kick Starter where you can see the video of the candle burning and place an order before they are gone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

'Parliament of Owl' Light Installation by Bruce Munro

'Parliament of Owls' Waddesdon Manor, UK 2013

'Fagin’s Urchins' Cheekwood, TN, USA 2013

'Water-Towers' Hermitage Museum and Gardens, Norfolk, Virginia, USA 2014

'Teepees' Waddesdon Manor, UK 2013

'Beacon' Waddesdon Manor, UK 2014

Brune Munro is an internationally acclaimed British artist known for his large-scale light installations. The materials that he uses for his installation ranges from glass spheres, plastic bottles, fiber optics, fluorescent tubes generally attached to a music system for a rich sensory delight for onlookers.

'Parliament of Owls' was one of the six sculptural installations of Bruce Munro's first solo exhibition of large-scale exterior works in the UK for "Winter Light" at Waddesdon. The sculpture featured 36 pairs of blinking owl-like glass eyes perched in a totemic tree constructed out of timber and fresnel lenses 

Bruce shares his inspiration behind his artwork Parliament of Owls" "Having come across a simple glass lense in his studio one day Munro was struck by its resemblance to an owl’s eye. From his childhood he had always been fascinated by the ‘parliament’ of owls in the fourth element of the Narnia Chronicles The Silver Chair by C.S Lewis. Parliament of Owls was first created for exhibition at Waddesdon Manor in the UK the ‘owls’ sit high up on their perches as 36 pairs of wide blinking eyes stare out across the gardens."

His work has been exhibited by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Waddesdon Manor, the de Rothschild Foundation, 
Buckinghamshire; and the Guggenheim Museum, New York. If you are in the area, you can see his work in person at the exhibition 'Light in the Garden' at Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Atlanta, GA, from May 3 through September 30. More more information on the exhibition and timings go to this link.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playground in Copenhagen

Nikolaj Plads 5-11 playground was designed in 2010 by a duo of Danish artists Randi Jorgensen and Katrine Malinowsky of "Randi & Katrine". The playground had some fun elements added that are in complete harmony with it's surrounded natural setting of tall trees. The new slides in shape of treetops with caves, crawling and suspension bridge connecting the crowns, the spider-web from the tree top, swings with a perched friendly owl all together will give the kids a feel of playing in a forest.

Images from here and here.

Storage Tins by Ingela P Arrhenius

New storage tin sets with illustrations by Swedish designer Ingela P Arrhenius for Omm Design. The tins come in two different sets "Animals" set  and "Kitchen" set. Animals set has three tins with cute illustrations of owl, tiger and a bear in bright colors in Ingela's signature retro style. Kitchen set on the other hand features text in Swedish for salt, cocoa and on the largest tin it says "bakdags", which means time to bake! These are a fun way to store biscuits, sugar, tea etc. and when not in use the tins nest neatly within one another. Available from here and here.

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