Saturday, December 19, 2009

Renee Treml: 'Tea Cozy: Great Horned Owl'

I recently discovered work of Renee Treml and I feel in love, instantly! While living in the US, she volunteered at a wildlife hospital in Durham and was a keen observer of birds in their natural settings. Now, apart from being a full-time artist, she also works as a research assistant in an environmental management/remote sensing program at University of Queensland (Australia). Fascinated and inspired by wildlife, the artist says "One of my personal goals as an artist is to bring awareness to the environment and wildlife." She creates her pieces primarily in scratchboard, acrylic and mixed media, and watercolor. Her artwork reflects her immense love for wildlife and attention to detail.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Freebie!

I think this is a perfect wallpaper to extend the holiday spirit to our desktops. You can download it here.

Sandra Krumins's Cards + Lesson

Sandra Krumins of Blueberry Paper creates gorgeous paper goods with lots of colors and whimsical illustrations. I did a little snooping around to know about her work some more and was glad to find her interview at Daily Imprint. I find Sandra's answer to the question very inspiring and encouraging: What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt? The more you work, the more inspiration will come. Don't over think everything too much: it's much better to learn as you go along and make mistakes than be paralysed by all the what ifs. Don't you?

Hankerchief by Abi Loves

So, we are only a week way from Christmas. Have you bought all the gifts, finished wrapping them up and brought out the fine china? I'll probably make an Indian feast, now that I am here. I'll probably share the pictures (if everything turns out well). Today, I am loving these handkerchiefs by Abi Loves. Hope you do too!
Shown above: 1. Tree Life 2. Autumn Slumber

Thursday, December 17, 2009

John Derian

John Derian is the king of decoupage. All his products are handmade in his New York-based studio with assistance from his small staff. I have been to New York a few times (and I love NYC!) but have never gotten an opportunity to visit his store. I have heard so many great things about how it feels like a living room inside his store. Have you ever been there? These are few of his pieces I picked out to share with you from his collection. Rest can be ogled here.

Brentwood Owl

Brentwood Owl is an adorable range of clear stamps designed by Jessica Lynn for Craft Barn. This owl likes to dress up in silly costumes, visit exotic locations and sometimes, doesn't mind wearing fake eyelashes. Doesn't he look sweet baking cookies in his red apron?

Swing Notecard Set

Swing Up Like a Rocker! This vintage inspired note card is from The Paper Princess Collage Series. Mr. Owl tipping his top hat is so sweet! The reverse sides are lined with notebook paper and just enough space for a quick jot.

Available for purchase at The Little Happyshop.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am wishing right now for this scarf by Cathy Peng to make me feel better, today. I am sick at home; it seems I have caught cold. Sipping my second cup of coffee and all bundled up in a blanket in front of my computer. I am grateful that I had purchased my favorite chocolate last night, which I can savor without the guilt because I have heard chocolate cures everything ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Inkjet Designs

Inkjet Designs creates coasters, fridge magnets, badges, cards and gift tags. Their products are so darn cute that they have been featured in magazines like Progressive Greetings and Scrapbook Inspirations. You will also find their products at Target in the US and Sainsbury's in UK. You can visit their blog for updates about their new products.

Happy Green Mode: Ethic

Finally a shopping bag with a cute illustration of not one but two owls. Caroline Faup of Flip Flop Design has designed a complete range of adorable bags for Ethic Bag with 'happy green mood' theme. Make sure you stop by their website, I bet you'll not only enjoy their products but also their website design.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cori Dantini

Cori Dantini is an illustrator and a full time mother. She uses paper from vintage books from 1922 and before, and walnut ink to make her illustrations on. Her limited edition prints can measure anything from 4"x7 1/2" to 5"x7". Each of it is signed with signature, number, and title on the back. I might buy a print or two (or more) because these are on 1/2 off sale in her shop. You can too, here.

NoteMaker: Gift Card

I am loving this cute owl shaped gift card by NoteMaker. This card is blank with lines for writing a little note for your loved one. I think it'll surprise the recipient with cuteness!

Mia Overgaard's Illustration

Hope you all had a great weekend. I had one hell of a weekend! I did meet a few close friends of mine and had long conversations on phone with those who live far from where I am. In the middle of everything else, I did manage to go out for shopping with my hubby, actually it was less of a shopping trip and more of visiting our favorite spots together. Crawling traffic in New Delhi is no new news for us but the traffic jams have gotten worse. We almost dread going to any place which is more than 10 Kilometers(approx. 7 miles) in car, walking is no option. Otherwise, Delhi is same old for us. Family, food and fun! The three most essentials for my survival :)

I did take some pictures on my mini-trips in my neighborhood and to Connaught Place, one of the hot spots in Delhi. You can check some of the pictures here. I gave title and brief descriptions to the pictures. If you want to know more about any of it feel free to shoot me an email or leave me a message.

Let's start our week with Mia Overgaard's gorgeous illustrations. She studied fashion in Denmark and has grown to like drawing clothes and models more than making clothes. Her work is inspired by "Music, children, fairy tales, art in general, nature, my life!" To know more about Mia read her interview here. You can buy her beautiful work here.