Friday, August 30, 2019

Wildlife Artist and a Conservationist Niharika Rajput

Niharika Rajput is a wild life artist and bird conservationist based in New Delhi, India. Self-taught artist explored with different materials from wire, mesh, fiber and ceramic, but it was paper that resonated with her the best. She creates gorgeous bird sculptures by hand, she would start with a clay body of a bird, then painstakingly stick each feather that she hand-cut and painted. She has made a range of one-of-a-kind birds like kingfisher, budgie, eagle owl, hen harrier, black necked cranes and more.

She uses her work as a tool to raise awareness how we humans are destroying the natural habitat of these creatures and hoping to bring attention to the urgent need of adopting measures to protect and conserve endangered species. She continues to work with many nature centres, wildlife organisations, art galleries and schools to raise awareness about the current state of the birds.

You can find paintings, ornaments, mobiles, art prints and original sculptures in her online store - PaperChirrups.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Artist Burns Nature Inspired Designs Into Wood To Create Amazing Art

Court O'Reilly of Hippie North creates nature inspired artwork by using heat to burn designs into wood. She uses different types, sizes and shapes of wood as her canvas. The primary theme of her designs revolves around landscapes, animals, and portraits. 

Her work has found home in several countries around the world. She welcomes commission as well as work on her own designs from her home studio in Whitby, Ontario. You can join her on Instagram for updates on new work and for step by step tutorials.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Artist Turns Old Magazines Into Amazing Work of Art

'Barn Owl'


'Goldfish Pond'

'Cuddling Meerkats'

'The Flamingo Dancers'

'Fine Dining for Pandas'

'The Serious Grin of the Eagle'

'Sunbathing Turtles'

'In the Garden'

'When Earth Meets Water'

'Downtown Cafe'

'Daytime at the Capitol'

'Sunset in the City'

Megan Coyle is an artist and illustrator based in Washington, D.C. She creates amazing art using old magazine pages that already have colorful photos and images. She calls them "found color". Her work that looks like paintings from distance reveal small details on a closer inspection. She is amazing with creating detail work in her collages, check out the feathers on the owl and scales on the iguana.

She hand-cuts tiny pieces of paper based on colors and patterns and then carefully arranges them into animals, people and landscapes. She has exhibited her artwork at the Ward Museum, Smithsonian Ripley Center, Art League Gallery, Krempp Gallery, and other galleries around the country. Her work has been published in Washington Post, Somerset Studio, and Papirmasse.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Artist Uses Enamel Cups and Ceramic Mugs to Paint Animal Portraits and Beautiful Scenes


Polona of SheWolfka is a Slovenian artist who turns enamel coffee pots and ceramic mugs with her animal inspired paintings. She paints animal portraits to forest landscapes, to starry nights to snow covered meadows. The artist uses mugs as her canvas to paint highly detailed paintings, each one with a story to tell. Her pieces are filled with stunning scenes of a sleeping owl with moon in the backdrop, fox surrounded with fireflies, or a bunny rabbit in midst of blooms. "Each art piece has its own story to tell, each thing I create is something where I put my magic, my soul and heart to."

You can find her one-of-a-kind mugs, enamel cups, bowls, jars, bottles, coffee and tea pots in her online store - SheWolfka.