Thursday, March 5, 2020

Swedish Photographer Hannah Lemholt and Her Surreal Photography

Hannah Lemholt is a Swedish photographer who specializes in taking shoots that will instantly transport you to a peaceful and calming place. Her photos have a soul and are dreamy in nature that make her work popular among interior designers across the world. The surreal collection of photographs feature black and white portraits of animals with their female companions in soft, pastel hues. Her photos have a timeless vintage charm and bohemian style.

You can visit her website to see the available prints in her online store. To see what is she working on currently, visit her Instagram.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Kane Kokaris Paints Surreal Creatures In Dream-Like Worlds

Kane Kokaris is a self-taught artist and an amateur paleontologist from Gold Coast, Australia. His paintings often feature creatures from imagination inspired by nature, wildlife and tattoo culture. The paintings depict bold and bright colored creatures on dark backgrounds, the contrast make the creatures surreal. The paintings are filled with intricate details that reveal on taking a closer look. The fur, the feathers, water droplets and reflection in the river, all make the paintings come alive. It can take anywhere from a day to a month to complete a painting depending on size and detailing.

"I’m interested in the human relationship with animals, like how we attach meaning and personal symbols to different animals. How we are drawn to certain species and fear others. I (try to) characterize animals to tell their story whilst they simultaneously tell mine." via

His work has been featured in several galleries and museums, including the Beinart Gallery.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Monochromatic Functional Ceramic Pieces Inspired By Nature

Kayo Benson is a ceramic artist and an illustrator from Vancouver. She has always been interested in creating new designs, she uses the ceramic surface to design nature inspired illustrations. Owl, deer, bighorn, moose, fawn, raccoon, fox etc. are hand drawn using underglaze pencil, underglaze paints and inscribing tools. Her ceramics are organically shaped by hand featuring monochromatic illustrations with some color here and there. 

"I like the idea of combining visual art and functional ceramics to evoke a feeling, such as comfort, a sense of tranquility and nostalgia etc into something we use in everyday life."

Her pieces are one-of-a-kind that will make perfect gift for an animal lover as well as an art lover. For bowls, plates, vases, yarn holders, mugs and variety of other ceramics visit her online store

Monday, March 2, 2020

Artist Draws Beautiful Illustrations on Mail and Turns It Into Artwork

We live in the times when technology has made communication instant and easy, but I still love the idea of snail mail. A handwritten note is such a personalized way of reaching out and letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you. And, if mail looks like this then I am sure it will put a smile on the recipient's face, I am sure it will on mine. 

Canyi is such a talented artist who makes sure your message reaches looking beautiful than ever! She hand-draws illustrations on the envelope and writes text that'll make anyone's day. Some of the messages from her past mails are "Before I die I want to live", "Small shaky steps still count", and "Life is too short to wait".

You can visit her account Ckenyee on Instagram to see more of her work and to contact her for any custom order.