Friday, March 6, 2015

Amazing Wire Sculptures

Hayley Jones is a self taught artist who lives and works  in Clevedon, North Somerset. She creates amazing three dimensional wire sculptures of animals and birds from her studio built in the garden in her home.  

"I like the way the wire oxidises or rusts carefully thinking of this when I create the piece, aware where the colour will improve with age and conditions."

She uses different colored wires to introduce texture in her pieces and make them look so real. The pieces are meticulously twisted and tweaked by the artist to bring out each animal's personality. She showcases her new works via her Facebook page - The Coach House Studio and Gallery, join her if you like.

Free March 2015 Desktop Wallpaper

Artwork by Lucy Holton seen before here.

Desktop wallpaper with dates with the following dimensions.

Desktop wallpaper without dates with the following dimensions.

For iPhone wallpaper, 320 pixel x 480 pixel.

Hello friends! Spring is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than a freebie inspired by the month which brings abundance of sunshine and blossoms. Better late than never, right? Here’s a desktop wallpaper featuring a beautiful owl along with a floral background which can be downloaded with or without calendar, plus there is an iPhone wallpaper. Go ahead and download the wallpaper in the resolution you need from the links given above. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello, Bear by Bonnie Christine

Bonnie Christine designed a special edition fabric collection Hello, Bear for Art Gallery Fabrics inspired by her son, Bear. The collection is filled with woodland finds, hills, trees and forest creatures including owl, bear, raccoon, deer and fox. The range comes in two colorways - stone and timber. Teal, mint, orange, peach in soft hues makes is a perfect collection for all kinds of projects. 

You can get the fabric collection as a fat quarter bundle or order them separately from here.

Thought of the Day: Be Brave

Be Brave, Be You, Be Beautiful is a limited edition linocut print by Mariann Johansen-Ellis.

Cute Things At Dot Com Gift Shop

{from the top: owl egg cup, elephant egg cup, breakfast hen egg cup, milkmaid heidi egg cup and henrietta hen pink egg cup}

{from the top: owl mug, elephant mug, milk maids mug in green and red, and breakfast hen mug}

UK based brand Dot Com Gift Shop is a go to place on the web for stylish, retro and quirky gift items. There are a wide variety of beautiful products on their website categorized for almost all kinds of occasions, from mother's day to tea party. You'll also find cute things like storage containers, tea pots, mugs and egg cups that can be grabbed to make your breakfast a very special one. 

At present they do not ship everywhere. To find out if they ship where you are go to their website for more details.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vintage Book Shaped Handbags

Inspired by vintage hardback book Disaster Design launched a unique collection of handbags titled "Book Club". It's a quirky range of bags for those who love classic literature and appreciate unconventional. Each handbag is printed with a vintage design in gold and features the title on the cover as well as the spine. The details like brushed gold corner protectors and page-patterned interior makes it a rare collectible. 

You can carry this versatile bag as a clutch or with its cross-body strap. Available in blue titled 'Observations of a Night Owl', green 'Beyond the Garden of Eden', red 'Lost in the Apothecary', grey 'All Things Beautiful' and other fictional advertisement designs at Modcloth. Images via here and here.

Colette Kids: Organic Onesies

San Francisco based company Colette Kids offers unisex clothing and accessories for infants and kids. Their designs are fresh, colors are vibrant and are made of 100% organic cotton for the comfortable feel. All designs are individually hand-printed and are made in the USA.

The summer ready, adorable organic cotton onesies with animal motifs will sure become your favorite piece in your little one's closet. There are over a dozen animal characters to choose from such as owl, penguin, giraffe, panda, rabbit, cow and more!

You can visit their website for other kid's items including animal ears hat, bandana bib, onesies, tees and wooden toys.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tattoo Inspired Wood Carvings

Bryn Perrot also known as Deerjerk is an artist based out of Morgantown, West Viginia. She creates beautiful hand carved wood pieces inspired by historical tattoo imagery.

“My mind does not wander when I carve; I make for purpose, not from artistic representation. I have focus when I work, which is a relief from my otherwise scattered thoughts. Carving feels like real work: something is being physically accomplished. Each cut made gets me closer to the next image within the larger scene. I simply like making a good image, a strong image. I started getting tattooed seven years ago and started working in a tattoo shop fours years ago. I have since become increasingly interested in the aesthetic and history of tattoo images because of the simplicity and directness those images convey to even the briefest of glances. Which is why I reference heavily from tattoo history; I’m trying to present these images in an equally strong but new context. Essentially I want to pay homage to those references and influences, to the history of an industry built on real work. That, and to always revamp these icons without tiring them out." via

Does she create her work from drawings or carve them free-hand? "I make small drawings and then enlarge them to make a stencil. I use that to get the shape I need for the wood. Then I use it again to transfer the image to the wood. But most of the details come later with the carving. I only make structure in the stencil. I don't ever really know what exactly I'm going to do with each one. It's sort of on the spot and as I go." via

You can follow her on Tumblr for updates on her new carvings. If you like to buy something from her available work or have questions regarding a custom piece you would like Perrot to make for you then send her an email at

Dinnerware Sets for Kids


Cute collection of melamie dinnerware for kids by Knack3. Each set includes 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 cup and 1 spoon. The sets comes in several designs including owl & fox, hippo, snail & turtle, monkey, trucks and space ship in bright colors that will make dining a delight for the little ones. The sets shown above and more can be found here and on

Monday, March 2, 2015

Nature Art By Bridget Beth Collins

Bridget Beth Collins is a nature lover, painter and botanical artist. She creates nature art from foliage and flowers plucked from sidewalks, meadows, and woods in her neighborhood. Bridget posts her creations on her Instagram account Flora Forager which has received a great response as well as a huge fan following in a very short time. 

Her whimsical creations, and beautiful arrangement of amazing plants and flowers is sure to bring cheer in your day. It was hard for me to select only a handful of her pieces to feature here, to view all her floral designs go to Instagram from the link above. You can also order prints of her work from her website.