Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Detailed Paper Quilling Art by Vietnamese artist Ho Bao Tran

Vietnamese artist Ho Bao Tran creates amazing quilled paintings. After earning her graduate degree in Ceramics from the College of Fine Arts, Tran soon realized her true passion lied somewhere else. While browsing through art websites, quilling caught her attention. She was instantly fascinated by how the strips of paper could be rolled and turned to form art. The artist collects magazines to trim paper and cut them into strips to meticulously quill them into detailed shapes. 

Tran spends anywhere from 5 to 7 days to quill a painting measuring 30x40 cm depending on the difficulty of the piece. Each 2mm thin strip is rolled into oval or circular shape, and put vertically that gives the three dimensional appearance. Unlike watercolors, it's hard to create a desired color, so Tran mixes two strips of colored paper to match the colors of her original subject. Her work has gained her customers both nationally and internationally. She got featured in Leisure & Travel magazines. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Stunning Engraved Stained Glass Panels by Tamsin Abbott

Tamsin Abbott is a talented stained glass artist and an illustrator who presently living in rural east Herefordshire. Her work is inspired by countryside that she is surrounded with, the orchards, the hills, the woods, the birds and the animals. The illustrated, engraved stained glass panels depict the creatures from the real world but also take the viewers on a journey to the fairytale land inhabited by mystical animals. "I try to use the alchemical qualities of glass combined with the image and light to create a piece of work that will resonate with something deep in our hearts."

You can learn more about her work and see the pictures of her studio by following her on Facebook.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Furniture and Wood Panels Turned Into Artwork by Jemima Jameson


Jemima Jameson was born on a farm in Devon but lived for most of her life in Sussex. She studied illustration and design at Northbrook College in Horsham. After college, she spent some time in Rome which became a major influence in her life to be an artist. Upon returning home she started painting furniture pieces that she salvaged from auctions and antique markets. Currently, she paints elaborate flora and fauna designs on wood panels, triptychs, furniture and gesso-panels.

Her paintings can be found in many galleries including Blue Ginger Gallery, Oriel CRiC Gallery, and Old Chapel Gallery. She has showcased her work in several exhibitions. For the upcoming events watch this space on her website.