Friday, April 23, 2010

Fornasetti Bookends

This set of metal bookends is a beautiful way to spurce up your bookshelf.

On a personal note: I wish you all a happy weekend. I'll see you on Monday and update you on my trip from Thailand.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Owl Screech Designs

Jacqueline and George of Owl Screech Designs make the most beautiful and creative paper goods. Above shown are some of my favorite notecard designs which feature gorgeous hand drawn images and are printed on 100% recycled cotton paper made from recovered scraps. I love anything which can be reused. It's healthy for us and easy on the Earth. Happy Earth Day!

{available here}

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I adore each and every hand-formed piece from Lisa's KISS (Keep It Simple Series) range. Those mini dishes stacked on top of one another are my favorite.

Snoozer Loser

I'm loving this native owl print scarf from Snoozer Loser. All their products are hand printed locally in their New York studio with eco-friendly pigments.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Envirosax: Organic Series

Envirosax's recent organic series is manufactured from all the natural materials which include bamboo, hemp and linen. This owl tote is not only cute and stylish but strong enough to hold all your stuff equivalent to two plastic shopping bags. Click here to view the entire collection of totes.

On a personal note: I'm having a great time in Penang. It's a wonderful and serene place, with lots of natural beauty to enjoy. Thanks to all of those who sent me emails and left me comments with the useful travel tips. You can contact me via email if you wish to know about the places I discovered on my vacation. I'll be happy to get back to you, once I reach home.

It's our wedding anniversary today. To celebrate, my hubby and I are going to be spending our day at the beach and indulge in some water sports. Parasailing? I may also do some catching up with my favorite magazines. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday+Singapore!

Hi and a very Happy Monday! I am happy to report from Singapore that my vacation has finally begun. My husband and I were welcomed to Singapore with a heavy rainfall which didn't stop until later in the evening. Then we decided to walk around to find a decent place to eat. Finding vegetarian food was a little hard, but eventually we did find a few places that served Asian food with no meat, fish and egg. After a hot, spicy dinner, we spent our evening enjoying live music by the local artists on the Orchard Street. We spent the next day visiting some touristy and some not so touristy spots. We both love walking, especially when we are travelling to a new place and discovering places which are not on the map. I couldn't miss going to the Chinatown and I'm glad that I did! I found owls!! There was this stone carving shop where everything was hand carved, and I saw many owl products including stone hand carved mail posts and bench. I wish I could bring one of these babies home with me.

I'm signing off for today, I have a flight to catch to Penang, Malaysia. I'll see you tomorrow. Take care!

{'hello owl' print by kareena}