Friday, February 5, 2021

Package Design: Sanitas Brewing

Sanitas Brewing is a beer brand started by Michael Memsic and Chris Coyne in 2013. Based in Boulder, Colorado the brand has the owl as their representative featured on their beer cans and bottles. The idea to have the owl as their brand's mascot came from an interesting story they shared on their website, they "noticed owls watching over them during their brewery brainstorming days". They probably saw about 20 owls flying in and out throughout the process of opening the brewery. It was only obvious they were inspired to have the nocturnal creature as the logo of their beer.

The owners believe beer bring people together. They want to create a product that can be enjoyed after work, to decompress or to celebrate in their taproom. It's a place where outdoors meets indoors, "The logo [with its clean lines and use of white space] fits the feel in here— it's contemporary meets industrial. The beer is the most important thing." The logo with clean lines with an stencil style owl motif doesn't take away from the focus on the beer.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Asa Gilland: Swedish Illustrator and Surface Designer

Asa Gilland is a Swedish illustrator and a surface designer based presently in Jakarta, Indonesia. She studied fine art and interior design at Accademia Italiana Moda and has an experience of over 20 years in surface and package design.

Her artwork is inspired by retro and quirky imagery, vintage photos and folk art style. She does not usually sketch beforehand she likes to just dive in, for this she refers to ample of photos. Her work features local scenes, landscapes, and imaginary worlds where animals and birds are engaged in mundane activities.

Asa has designed for various brands for stationary, textiles, home decor and the gift market. She has worked in collaboration with Linoluna, an Indonesia boutique store creating products for children. She has also designed cards for Trader Joe's. You can find more creations from her on Instagram.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Sushi Roll Art with Rice And Seaweed

Takayo Kiyota was born and raised in Shinjuku, Tokyo. She was an illustrator for over 20 years before she started to make sushi roll art and named herself "Tama-chan".

She has created over 300 designs with rice, seaweed and a variety of other ingredients. Her work features recreation of iconic characters, and famous paintings that are colored with pickles, cucumber, spices and herbs just like how paints and ink is used to paint with. She finds sushi as a medium of expression to create something new that's not only a treat to the eyes but you can eat them too! It's unbelievable to watch how imagery that's invisible gets revealed on cutting each slice.

She has won the second prize on “the longest scream in the world” sponsored by Innovation Norway in 2013. In 2014, Little More Co. published Smiling Sushi Roll, the first anthology of the sushi roll art. Her sushi roll art gained a spotlight in the popular German TV program "Galileo". She conducts workshops to promote the importance of food culture while enjoying the craft through the use of the sushi roll.

You can find more creations by her on Instagram - Smiling Sushi Roll.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Needle Felted Sculptures Perched on Vintage Bristle Brushes and Cameras

Artemis Fibre Art is a brain child of Di Haswell and Jane Christopher. It was in 2016 when Di bought a little needle felting kit to try, and while watching tutorials online she stumbled across Sarafina's videos. It was then when she discovered her passion and was addicted to needle felting. This ladies duo uses only a pile of wool fiber, pointed needle, and some wire to create magical creatures.

I heard somewhere what sparks life into a piece is the eyes and these ladies have nailed it. They specialize in expressive eyes, instead of glass eyes and clay noses the features are 'painted' with wool. These finished sculptures are perched on delightful vintage props such as cribbage board, bristle brush, cameras, spool, wooden blocks or small boxes. 

The sculptures are available through art and craft fairs, and local galleries. Their sculptures are collected by art enthusiasts all over the world. They have created ornaments for well-known brands including Anthropologie. The one-of-a-kind sculptures are available in their online store.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Valeria Dalmon Makes Faux Taxidermy Animal Heads and Masks with Recycled Materials

Valeria Dalmon is an artist and a sculptor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She makes costumes, animal masks, faux taxidermy animal heads, dolls, puppets, objects, and models. Her work often involves working with recycled materials, wood, wire, textiles, and clay. She is inspired by antiques, circuses, toys, dolls, and uncommon, strange objects.

Once the basic form of a piece is ready she hand-sands and paints to bring her creatures to life. Most of her pieces are made to order and you can contact her if you would like it customized. The pieces that are available for purchase can be found in Valeria's online store.