Friday, July 3, 2020

Tiny Watercolor Bird Paintings With Personality by Martyna Czub

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Let me wrap up for the weekend with these gorgeous paintings by Martyna Czub. Martyna Czubis is an illustrator and an author of a children's picture book. 

The artist is a nature enthusiast and passionate about a sustainable life style. She creates tiny bird paintings inspired by her pet chickens and her immediate surroundings. 

She has painted a variety of birds, her medium of choice is watercolors painted on cold press paper that adds so much character to her creatures. Her tiny paintings measure anywhere from 1.75" to 2". The artist captures each birds personality on such a small scale with accurate colors and expressions. 

You can find her tiny original artwork, cards and art prints in her online store - MartynaCzubIllu.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Ceramic Bud Vases, Planters, Trinket Dishes and Incense Holders


Ceramic artist and an illustrator Chien Nie is the creator behind Lithops Studio. She hand sculpts incense holders, trinkets dishes, planters and bud vases inspired by her natural surroundings, the books she has enjoyed, fleeting emotions, and urban living. Chien has experimented with several art mediums but for her it's the clay that gives her the flexibility to create anything her mind conjures up. She handmakes each piece that's mounted with a tiny animal figurine to carry an incense, a flower or knick-knacks for you. You can find what's she currently working on by following her on Instagram.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

De Meal Prepper Creates Food Art With Realistic Style

De Meal Prepper creates amazing food art on plate featuring animals, famous personalities, flowers, and more. Her owl, panda, tiger, rooster, kangaroo, lion, hedgehog and turtle are made using spices, rice, and vegetables. Her animal inspired food art has realistic style and look three dimensional. It's mind-boggling that the artist managed to get the textures and colors close to as real as possible, to add shadow that makes the food art appear deeper she makes use of spices as watercolor pigments. 

Her work has been featured on Bored Panda, Marie Claire, My Modern Met, Epoch Times and more. She has been interviewed by TV Ukraine and Ukraine 24. You can view more of her creations on Instagram.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Award Winning Photographer Focuses His Lens On Endangered Species


London based award-winning photographer Tim Flach specializes in highly conceptual animal portraits. Tim Flach studied Communications Design at the North East London Polytechnic and later Photography and Painted Structures at Saint Martin's School of Art. He briefly worked with Brian Worth before starting to work independently.

He captures the expressions, traits, behaviors of animals both large and small who are on the edge of disappearing due to loss of their habitat and human activity. "Tim Flach is an animal photographer with an interest in the way humans shape animals and shape their meaning while exploring the role of imagery in fostering an emotional connection. Bringing to life the complexity of the animal kingdom, his work ranges widely across species, united by a distinctive stylization reflecting an interest in how we better connect people to the natural world."

He has published five books - 'Endangered' on species that are on the verge of extinction , 'Evolution' on primates, fish, mammals, and plants, 'More than Human' a broader account of the world’s species, 'Dogs Gods' on canines and 'Equus' on horses.

He has worked on commissions with "National Geographic", "The Sunday Times", "Cirque du Soleil", "Sony", "Herm├Ęs" and "Locarno International Film Festival". His work has been featured twice on Royal Mail stamps. Currently, he is represented by the Osborne Samuel gallery.