Friday, March 18, 2011

"Owls Have More Fun" Plates by Lisa Grue

Remember my post on Lisa Grue's ""Owls Have More Fun" exhibition on her owl plates. I just found out that some of the plates from the series are available for purchase at New York gallery Hanahou webstore, in case you were interested in adding them to you collection.


I am totally digging the retro inspired prints by Inlauxe, a team founded by Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd in Melbourne, Australia. The newest - "The Hopeful Sooty Owl" - in bold and vibrant colors is delightful.

Kate Slater: 3D Paper Birds

An amazing window display of paper birds created by London based freelance illustrator Kate Slater. Yorkshire Sculpture Park's shop window was decorated with forty-four handmade beautiful paper birds, including the barn owl, flying across inside the shop. These 3D birds were made with both flat collage and a combination of paper, cut out and wire, which created the magical scene of suspended birds in the air. 

Now, the designs are also available as gorgeous brooches that are handcrafted from prints of Kate's original collage illustrations, available in her online store here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Owl & The Pussycat Wedding Cake!

Morgan and Brittany had this super cute "The Owl & The Pussycat" cake for their wedding inspired by the classic story between two different species who fall in love.

This coconut cake not only sounds delicious, but uniquely charming with "the owl with his stripey shirt and little red tie, and the white cat with her pink dress and white polka dots, cascading along flowery waves in their pea green love boat... !"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Owl and Squirrel Chocolate

On my recent visit to Emily's blog, I discovered this owl and squirrel chocolate that she posted way back in 2008. She received these adorable chocolates from her friend. But, I didn't find any information on where I could buy these guys. So, I started searching and found another blog that has posted about owl and other animal shaped chocolates sold at a cafe -  La Charlotte de l'Isle in Paris. But again,I couldn't find anymore information other than that the cafe makes these chocolates using antique molds. My search continued and at last success! Safe Harbor Confections sells all kind animal chocolates including cat, mouse, squirrel, dog, horse, owl and more.

Chocolates by La Charlotte de 1'Isle
Phew! This is the end of my owl chocolate search. I hope you find the info useful for your next birthday party, Easter or just to satisfy your chocolate craving! 

DIY: Horned Owl Feather Mask

An easy and simple tutorial to make your own beautiful owl mask with feathers. All you'll need is a few things:
Head Band made from an old tee shirt
Hot Glue
Needle & Thread

For full details and instructions go to Brandy's blog.

Melbourne Style: Paper Cut Art

The Banksia Shadowbox series by Maree Coote at Melbourne Style. Each owl paper cut art is framed in 25cmx25cm boxes.

Also check out Melbourne buildings and flying trams wall art here.

Zumiez: Tees

How can one not love tees, especially the ones with cute prints? These adorable owl print tees are available at Zumiez starting at $15. Now the only problem will be deciding which one to choose.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jolby: Home is Where You Make it

Jolby is a team of Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols who started their design and illustration studio based in Portalnd, Oregon. The above images are from their Jolby's first solo show titled "Home is Where You Make it". The concept of this piece was to show William's direction in life was pointing away from the sea. His mind was made up that he would go east beyond the village. The prints are available here.

Modern Twist Kids Placemats

Modern Twist kids placemats are made in collaboration with various independent artists that make the luch time the fun time. These silicone-based food safe placemats will be loved by your kids and keep them happily creating while waiting for their meal to come tothe table. The placemats are available in over a dozen designs including classic patterns by Dwell Studio. The owl placemats are available in two different choices - owl outlined black on clear base and owl filled mustard on clear base.

These durable, easily washable and crease-proof foldable are ideal for picnics and tea parties. Each placemat costs $19 and also avilable as "Kidz Box" set with 6 non-toxic dry-erase markers and 1 mat in a recycled packaging.

James Ward: Owls In Red Pants Teapot

I am loving the pen and ink animal illustrations by James Ward on surfaces of plates, cake stands and teapots.

His work is based on the idea "that big scary animals can still express themselves and still like to eat cakes off plates!...What I like about drawing animal characters is the response from people who identify with them."

This beautiful teapot features 5 hand-drawn owls relaxing after a long night and watching people drinking their tea. Oh, did I mention they like wearing pants.

Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY: Owl Easter Egg Cozy

I realize that I am early on the Easter posts, but when I saw this owl egg cozy tutorial on Katja's blog I wanted to share it with you right away, so you have enough time before Easter to knit these little guys. This tutorial is simple to try and way fun for dressing up your Easter eggs. Sure to delight the kids!

Feeling Gold

Diamond owl gold scoop neck vest by Bouf
Wise walker sandals by Anthropologie

Franco Anselmi

Franco Anselmi was born in Treviso, Northern Italy in 1950. He always had interest in art but his father never wanted him to be an artist, so got degree in Foreign languages and Sociology. Soon, he started teaching while perusing his passion in art and in 1994 became a full time artist.

His "favored subjects include Byzantine style Madonnas, glamorous women, often in trios or pairs, and the uniquely humorous Anselmi cats and owls...The nocturnal owl, wisest of birds, is the only creature portrayed with two eyes, indicative of a balanced view of the world." (from International Art Centre)

His amazing artwork has been regularly exhibited in Europe and if you want to receive updates on his forthcoming shows follow him on Twitter.

Catherine Ledner

I am smitten with these cute animal portraits by Catherine Ledner, a photographer currently living in Southern California. Her work has been featured in several publications including New York Times Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Dwell and Vanity Fair. She even released her first book - Animal House featuring lovely animals portraits by Catherine. To buy her owl print or any other print visit her store.