Friday, May 15, 2020

Artists of NVillustration Create Paper-cut 3D Birds That Look Real

NVillustration is a team of Nayan Shrimali, he cuts the artwork and takes photographs, and Vaishali Chudasama, she paints the artwork. Last time, I featured their 3 dimensional hand-cut paper birds on the blog they were working on Miniature Art series. The series was originally for 365 which was extended to 730 and now to 1000 days!

For over two years the duo has been creating one stunning piece of art every day. I have seen their work grow into more detailed and intricate masterpieces. Their tiniest piece can measure less than an inch from head to tail. The artists spend hours hand-cut paper and hand-paint each one with intricate details and assemble all the layers that look three dimensional.

You can bookmark their online store for originals and art prints. Follow them on Instagram for new creations and to learn more about their work.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Amanda Phelps Burns Amazing Animal Portraits In Wood

Self-taught artist Amanda Phelps creates wood burned and water color painted artwork. Amanda grew up in California, near the Sierra Nevada Mountains and currently works in South Dakota. In 2016, she decided to try pyrography at the suggestion received from someone she's close to. 

Under the brand name Phelps Pyrography she offers hand-drawn animal sketches on wood using a ball-point tip wire that heats up. She mainly works with basswood and birchwood to create small and large pieces. She makes ornaments, fridge magnets and wall decor art pieces, each one takes hours to complete depending on its size and details. 


Her animal portraits range from butterflies to deer, to sea turtles, to polar bears, but her all time favorite are owls. She loves to bring in color to her rustic pieces using watercolors and colored pencils to create amazing work. You can view more creations by her on Instagram and find her available pieces in her online store.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Realistic Bird Paintings by Self-Taught Artist Camille Engel

“Patient Observer” Barn Owl perched on a window won 2018 Best Wildlife, International Guild of Realism

Camille Engel is a contemporary realist oil painter who did not start painting until she was in her forties.

“I was at church and our pastor said, ‘If you have a dream burning inside of you, and you have had it burning for a while, it could be a dream God put inside of you,’ ” she says. “I had always wanted to be an artist. And when I heard that, I decided I would take up painting. So I called Cheekwood and said, I’m old. I don’t have time to mess around. Who’s your best teacher?” via

She paints animals, landscapes, marine life but birds have been the recurring theme in her work. It was not until 2006, she began to paint birds including owls, cardinals, titmice, house wrens, chickadees, and hummingbirds. They are painted with utmost care and love, each intricate stroke of brush makes the subject of her work real. The artist has successfully captured the movements and personalities of her feathered friends in her work, making sure the end result looks real. 

Her paintings are have won numerous awards and have been exhibited at museums and galleries all around the nation. Camille Engel paintings are in the private collections at The Tennessee State Museum, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Baptist Hospital in Nashville, The Chattanoogan Hotel, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, GA, Middle Tennessee Medical Center, TN and Metro Nashville Government. She has been named as “Artist to Watch” by Southwest Art magazine 2014 and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine 2010. 

You can view more of her work and find available paintings as well as reproductions in her web store.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Punch Needle Embroidered Wall Decorations by Tangled Dot


I recently stumbled across this Instagram account by the name of Tangled Dot. The artist behind the brand makes unique punch needle decorations that will leave you swooning. The work is mostly inspired by nature featuring owls, deer, birds, whales, mushrooms, and objects. I love the earthy color palette of her work that includes muted and soft shades. The designs are punched onto solid fabric, once finished are sewn on a hoop creating a beautiful artwork. 

These pieces are perfect to decorate a nursery or a kid's room, come ready to hang on a wall. To view more of her lovely work visit her Instagram.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Delicate and Detailed Pencil Drawings by Hannah Longmuir

Hannah Longmuir is a self-taught artist living and working from countryside in the Scottish Borders. The artist works primarily in pencil, recording the details of the hedgerows, fields, woodlands and skies around her. Her work is inspired by nature, she successfully captures the calmness and stillness that she feels in the countryside. Whenever she takes her dog for a walk, she carries a notebook with her to keep account of her surroundings. She carefully observes and turns them into delicate and detailed pencil drawings with a splash of color.

Her drawings can also be found on paper goods such as greeting cards, notebooks, postcards, stickers and writing sets in her shop on her website.