Friday, May 4, 2018

Samantha Quinn's Layered Paper-Cut Art

London based graphic designer and paper artist Samantha Quinn creates amazing paper-cuts solely using a scalpel. She uses solid and multi-colored paper to hand-cut each tiny piece of paper individually. Her owl, birds, flowers and other objects are filled with intriate patterns which sometimes are layered for a three dimensional effect.

She has an over 8 years of experience working on various paper projects such as paper installation, branding, packaging, invitations, branding and set design. Some of the clients she has worked with include Converse, Victoria's Secret, Fossil, Clarins and more.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Steam Whistle Letterpress Cards

Brian Stuparyk is the mastermind behind Steam Whistle Letterpress. He gained Masters in Fine Arts in print media from Cranbrook Academy of Art. It was his love for antique printing equipment and traditional relief-printing process that made him start his own brand Steam Whistle Letterpress. Since 2000 he has been collecting vintage wood type, halftone blocks and restoring letterpress equipment that he uses to handprint their cards.

Visit their website for cards for all occasions in quirky designs and bold colors that will make the recipient's day! Also, available here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Detailed Balloon Sculptures by Masayoshi Matsumoto

I have featured Masayoshi Matsumoto's amazing balloon sculptures before. I just stumbled across some of his new animal sculptures made using only balloons that are incredibly detailed. He never uses any tape, glue or markers to create the sculptures. To make the Great Horned Owl's eyes he used metallic balloons, fantastic!

To see more of his work you can join him on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Repurposed Paper and Magazines Turned into Amazing Collages

C. E. White is a collage artist based in Blue Ridge, GA. She creates wildlife inspired collages using old maps, vintage letters, books, graphs, patterns, magazines and notes. Each artwork has thousands of tiny pieces of paper that are handcut individually and arranged one by one. Her work has beautiful colors and textures that draws in the viewer's attention to the intricate details. It takes tremendous amount of patience and dedication to create an art which can take several hours to complete.

You can find these collages as art prints and on many other things here.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Street Art Filled With Striking Colors and Geometric Patterns by Eelco

Eelco van den Berg is a Dutch illustrator and muralist. He paints huge size murals in striking colors and geometric patterns that beg the passer by to stop and inspect the piece. The animal inspired murals are formed with geometric patterns and bold lines that flow harmoniously resulting into beautiful textures in the finished image at the end.

He got exposed to hip hop culture when he was a child which influenced his work, also the graphics on the skateboards that he collects. He has done paintings internationally in Amsterdam, Italy, France, Belgium, NY, San Diego and Chicago. If you want to see him in action then you can follow his Instagram where he posts about his latest work.