Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Jaw Droppingly Realistic Miniature Sculptures by Fanni Sandor

Fanni Sandor is a biologist and a self-taught miniaturists who creates real objects on such a small scale that the details are only visible if you look at them with magnifying glass. Sandor makes jaw-dropping things with clay including - owls, roosters, mice, frogs, birds, nests, food and other objects on a scale of 1:12.

Each piece is hand-sculpted using polymer clay without the use of any kind of mold. The details are added using acrylic paint, feather and cotton thread paper wire. Every tiny detail makes Sandor's work almost real, a detailed representation of the actual subject.

She has received the IGMA Artisan title in Animal Figures category and in 2016, the artist received the International Guild of Miniature Artists (IGMA) Fellow status. You can view her creations from the past and new work on Instagram


Barbara said...

j'adore magnifique merci merci merci

My Owl Barn said...

Thank YOU! :)