Thursday, April 23, 2020

3D Paper-Cut Light Boxes By Aline Maire Of Abracadaboxes




French artist Aline Maire creates whimsical paper-cut light boxes which she calls Abracadaboxes. Each illustration is made with hand-cut paper and arranged strategically in layers inside wooden box frame creating a 3D image. The artist uses LED lights that make the pieces glow with a soft light and cast magical shadows, taking an on-looker on a trip to a mythical land.

When Maire first came across paper-cut light boxes of Harikrishanan Panicker & Deepti Nair she instantly feel in love with their beauty and began her own adventure in the field of paper art. Her work is mainly inspired by nature, films and her own imagination.

You can visit her online store for light boxes with original paper cut and diy kits that you can download and make your own light box at home. The kits comes with instructions, available here.


Barbara said...

incroyable !

My Owl Barn said...

I totally agree, Maire's work is just incredible.

Hope you are well :)